Elektron Transfer 1.1


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It would be a great convenience to be able to update the Digitone’s firmware using the Elektron Transfer application (as it appears to be designed to do) - C6 isn’t a viable option (it doesn’t work) for some.


I’m sure I am missing something but what if I just want to re-arrange files in the Digitakt. For instance I want to take 10 samples from the “recorded” folder and move them to a different folder in the Digitakt. I guess I’m looking for the “SEL FOR MOVE” functionality in the transfer app.


You might try out crunch/elk-herd for this, over at: Crunch/elk-herd

While both it and Transfer 1.1 have essentially the same functionality, they have different approaches and strengths. crunch/elk-herd lets you see the whole +Drive structure at once, and re-arrange it via drag-n-drop. Might be easier if you are doing significant +Drive clean up.


Just checked, and you can set both sides to show (orange) +Drive files, but if you set one to where your recordings are, and the other to /MyPak/Drums/KitA or whatever, and try to drag from the /recordings to the /KitA, it just does nothing.

This is a glaring oversight and would be so easy to use that way! It even allows you to create directories and populate them with samples… Is there no buffer for this program, and it doesn’t have commands to move files inside the +drive? Seems silly…

Even allows you to rename files, but not change their location? Crazy!


how does c6 not work for you?


dunno, I’m running an old desktop with Windows 7… the application works, it recognizes the Digitone, I’m dropping / highlighting the .syx file in the field / box etc, but nothing happens.

It works fine, however, on my co-worker’s brand new Mac desktop. I have to bring the Digitone to work, to update the firmware.


Nice update ! But I agree with some of you, it would be extremely useful to have a consolidate option per project, to retain/copy/move only used samples in the selected project. Maybe that will come with OB instead of Transfer ?
Or at least an OS update allowing us to display a list of samples in use, and not just loaded samples.


Indeed, that’s how it works, from what I understood.
To be tested, of course :wink:


Thanks guys, this is very usefull. Awesome job, keep up with good work!


Nice I was finally able to get rid of my corrupted folder! I did a full back up of samples and then reformatted my +drive and then added them all back and the replacement for the corrupted folder. It even remembered the samples that had lost there names but were still in ram. Took some doing but it is nice to be finally backed up and have my digitakt at 100% I think I might be the only person who had this problem but if you ever get it, it is nice to know you can fix it.


Did you restore your patterns using the SYSEX dump and restore?


I did back up the sysex but I only needed to format the samples and not the sysex side of things. So I’m not sure about the sysex stuff.


Doesn’t work for Rytm MK1 reliably. Been using it with MD, A4 and Rytm for years. MD and A4 work as expected. Rytm fails during batch sample transfers about 80% of the time. At that point sample have to manually transferred one by one which is a pain in the balls given that it is also so slow


Ahh so the rytm mk I will become complete soon. Can’t wait, the ability to backup my samples from the rytm has been holding me back to mostly relying on synthesis only. With the new upcoming update, I will finally have a workable beastly analog drumpler. And the competition between my A4 and the rytm can finally be put to rest :nyan:

It has been a long wait but it has been worth it. I have learned the machine quite well while waiting for this vital final piece to fall into place.

Getting a new version of OB and a new synth machine for the lower 4 voices is just the icing on the cake!

Thanks all @ :3lektron: !


Finally ! Great to have this. I feel much better now with my stuff backed up :slight_smile:


2 Q’s!

  1. it the only new thing that they made it posible to do both back and forth?

  2. What about the conversion of the samples from stereo to mono, is it still crap? or did they solve this?



Nice update. Solves the biggest issue with the Digitakt in terms of sample management and backup.


As far as I know there is no real stereo to mono conversion. The left channel data gets extracted and then uploaded as “mono” sample.


Am I a party pooper if I am very disappointed that I am still not able to organize my +drive on the Digi? For example: is it so hard to add something like ‘delete sample’?

  • I have to send my samples back & forth with Transfer
  • I have to backup all the rest of my data via SysEx
  • I have to use a third party app to organize my sample folder (Crunch, great web based app by @mzero)

I’m having a great time with my Digi, but the software configuration is a mess, really. Up to the point that I am advising people not to buy the Digi, untill things are sorted out properly.