Elektron Transfer 1.1


Can you give those who have been waiting for this ability for years a little more info?? Like an eta? Very tired of being early adopter but kept in the back of the line…


Yeah, what for all the AR1 users, i don’t like the AR2 look.
the OS is still on 1.31B and for the AR2 it’s 1.40
I Tought they would keep them the same?


Just tried it out and wanted to say great job team @Elektron nice and simple, quick and elegant - it took a while but worth it in the end. I did have a few issues with the app not recognising the Digitakt as being compatible, despite showing it in the midi drop downs, but I changed to a different USB port and it worked.

See pic:


@mzero beat em by a day, it was close though… :grin:
Hats off to Elektron and mzero…


It’s the same application
Transfer handle samples as well as OS updates.


I understand. I’m wondering when I’ll be able to update the firmware on the Digitone, using Elektron Transfer.


You cannot do this already? Or are you asking about when the next firmware update for the digitone will be?


Has it worked for anybody ?

I’m asking whether or not Elektron Transfer will work to update the firmware (generally) on the Digitone.


Ah, so it’s supposed to work but doesn’t?

I’ve used the transfer app to update my digitakt, but I think the important aspect of this announcement was sample backup.


Ok, I figured the question was somewhat related. The title of the thread is “Elektron Transfer”, the application recognizes the Digitone, and it had been implied (even explicitly stated) that this application would be updated to work for the Digitone (to update the firmware)


damn you Elektron!!! Once I gain I saw a new transfer app post and got excited “could this be the mk1 update finally???” And once again you disappoint.
Simon - why can’t you guys do a preliminary OS update that works with OB1 and the new transfer app? Why does it have to be all or none for the next update? this is so incredible frustrating


That sounds like a detour from where they’re aiming to go. I reckon that would eat significant time that could be used to get AR1 up to new OB


i just read the list of changes and wow there has been a lot upgraded.


With the sysex backup you can save your projects - as I understand it the raw samples have a checksum / hash and so you would pull off your entire sample library and keep it backed up. Then you could potentially do a complete factory reset, reload your sample library and then push your sysex project files back onto the box and they will be found. I THINK that is the way this works, someone please correct me if I’m wrong in any of the details.


I think you are right. The problem I can see with this, is that you don’t necessarily want to load all the samples you have backed up into the DT, maybe you just want to put one or two projects back into to it after you have wiped it or something. So keeping track of which samples go to which projects might be a good idea. Might be better to have duplicates and have sysex and samples in folders.

But I haven’t tested this yet, had to battle with a goddamn desktop monster all night, and now the last thing I want to do is try out some other technical part of gear :smiley:


@Ess Don’t see why not, but to be sure:

This would work with OS 1.04 as well?


Nice to have, thx elektron.
But it seems to disconect with the unit many times during a long sample back up operation. Tought u can repeat the operation and the samples already transferd will be bypassed.
I wanna add that it would be cool to have the possibility to preview samples in the digitakt as it does in computer folders.


Agree. Would be nice to be able to backup, and reload on a per project basis.




When this is released for the MKI, will the transfer speed of the samples be faster than C6?

If yes, how much faster?