Elektron Transfer 1.1

Works like a charm! Thanks @Elektron!

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Yes, this is how it should work. Please let us know if you try.

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Any chance this’ll work for Digitone?

No. Digitone is a synthesiser and doesn’t use samples.


ditto, would love to hear someone’s experience with this.

YEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS This is good, yes, this is good.

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tbh, I might be most excited about organizing my samples… creating folders, selecting files and moving them is not so elegant with the DT browser… But xfer them to my mac, re-organize, and then send it back? I’m def gonna make some kits now! (and someday I’ll hope to save/load kits in the DT too…)

Wait… will this break my projects that currently use those samples? How can I fix this?


AT LAST! This makes a huge difference for me using the Digitakt :slight_smile:

Hope the Rytm mkI isn’t too far behind getting the love :heart_eyes:

Great news!


It will not mess up your projects. The samples are identified with a HASH and not by the path. They can be anywhere on the +Drive.


The worst that could happen is they may not load in the sample pool. (this shouldn’t happen) but if it does, simply readd the samples into the sample pool and voila!

That is VERY good to know!


Great news for us MK1 owners, thank you!!!

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That’s swayed my into getting a Digitakt AND keeping the MK1 - killer combo?



Full system backup would be so useful! Have broken too many older tracks on the Rytm from deleting samples to save space which realised later were essential to some tracks.

Not to thread hijack, but is this true of the Octatrack?

Nice work, guys!

My bad, I thought we were talking about ELEKTRON TRANSFER, the application that allows you to update the OS on the Digitakt, and supposedly the Digitone (!?) - I get these things confused.

I don’t share the sentiment. Great news will be when it’s actually delivered. We’ve been told this very same info for a very very long time. It’s actually quite irritating to me that MK2 is getting upgrades that are still just “in the works” for MK1.

This would be like Bug fixes for the OT mk1 that have bothered people for years are now fixed on the MK2…to the MK1 folk, “we’ll let you know when we get around to it.”

I wish I could subscribe to Elektron for MK1 info only as I keep getting excited about these half arse updates.


bug - preview sample name is one out ,
mac to DT via usb cable.
if i preview blob.wav and then play bleep.wav , the name of the sample is displayed as blob.wav instead of bleep.wav

its very useful , quite unstable but definitely in the right direction.
i hope elektron’s QA department … sod it , stay positive… get on with life …

unsure how to move samples on transfer app , unless i delete them then drop them in another folder…
should i remove them and then redownload them to DT in the place i want ?
and the tracks/patterns/sounds will continue to work ?

did this , it seemed to work.
made project using samples in old place.
saved project
loaded another project
used transfer to delete them , then redownloaded into another folder , they had the same file names.
loaded project and the sounds were still playing as expected.

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