Elektron Syntakt Trademark Speculations [closed]

I hope this is a hardware module that pairs GPT-3-on-a-chip with a 128-voice VO-6-derived vocal synth.

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Analtakt probably got rejected by the Trademark office on grounds of common decency.
This has got to be analog, cos it’s clearly not Digi-!


Oh god I’m so excited.


it’s a small 3d printer that spits out cowbells


It’ll have those melting rubber coated buttons. a dying Oled screen, and LEDs that burn your retinas.

Elektron, do better! No more melty dying far too brightness!

Of course, with takt meaning drum, its probably a synthy drum thing, in the digi box format.

6 track physical modelling drum synth?
(With awful melting buttons etc)



Of course it might also be the new $299 Syntakt card for the Digitakt
A simple click in pcb with juicy chips, analog oscs and filters for the midi tracks, to fill up the massive void inside the Digitakt case where some of us have put li-ion batteries …


What is known so far is that it’s an intended electronic musical product, with a current designation of Syntakt.


He really did join lines…

One of us… one of us…


Not sure this is even worth adding to the discussion, but the other morning on the synthesizer subr*ddit, there was a text post titled something like “Elektron Files New TM” and the body of the post was just “SYNTAKT”.

The user was brand new, and I searched here and on google and nothing popped up anywhere else, so I reported it*. However, with Superbooth approaching and the Models getting a (temporary?) price cut, I’m wondering if there was some grain of truth to that post.

*It looks to have been removed. I feel like a NARC, but I’ve admittedly started doing this a lot since that sub has grown in membership and somehow become riddled with even more low-effort posts that in the past.


That is a nice name though. Somebody did some thinking to come up with it on their own if they did.

If it did come from Elektron, it seems to relate to the Digitakt somehow. A Digitakt Keys ?
That almost might make sense.

I’m thinking in the same form as the Digitone Keys.


Ooh good find. Doesn’t the work takt mean drum or beat or something close to that? If so, I’m guessing that it would be a digital drum synth.


There was a trademark made with the USPTO, on June 29, 2021 for “Syntakt” but it is for packaging equipment, by Pearson Packaging Systems.

Maybe a European trademark filing ? Or a BS filing ?

ADDED: I searched EUIPO, and found no reference.


…takt is a rhythmical measurement term in written sheetmusic…

and it’s pretty much nailed and confirmed, elektron won’t join this years cake in berlin…
and how could they…without somebody like cenk to present it…
even if they had something to show…
and even with an office in berlin, which also cenk managed for them in first place…back in the better days…which is by no means a must have to join the global sonic nerdish sales show at fez…da supabooth…

and a syntakt…!?..who knows if this might be an option as the productname for the rebirth of all their classics in one final digi footprint groovebox…NEXT YEAR…

while roland has no pot to win there anyways…nope.
felt like fallen out of world and time, when they “presented” there…no big loss…really…

but hey…!.. tixforgigs finally confirmed my ticket…!!!

vlad…i’m comin’ for ya…hear me ?


Looks interesting…


It cerainly does… although going by the date of the registration I would imagine that whatever it is still had a long way to go before it’s ready for release… still, a re-imagining of the MachineDrum would be super interesting.


What a first post…
Smells like “leaking” strategy, so I almost think it might be true !


Seems it is legit.


Synt + takt (rhythm) = DigiMD?


Lol so I’m 6 months into my first drum machine, the Digitakt, and loving it. But I’ve had my heart forever set on the Analog Rytm mk2. But before I pull the trigger on that I was curious if there was anything new coming down the pipeline. Someone earlier in the thread hinted at a new trademark so I just went down the wormhole


Well, welcome here, and if the Future proofs you were right, then you deserve some sort of special prize !