Elektron promo sheets & postcards

I was cleaning in the attic and found some cool promo sheets and postcards from Elektron. There was even a temporary Elektron tattoo. :grin:

Threw them all on the flatbed scanner for everyone’s enjoyment.


Awesome! thanks for posting.
My first machine was Sidstation… i miss that one :cold_sweat:


I have some of these and some different ones too, I really love the designs they used back then, thanks for posting these, if I find mine I’ll scan the ones that are different than your collection and add them here.


Cool @darenager, would be fun to see more!


Thanks for sharing!
Those Machinedrum designs are beautiful! :elmd::heart_decoration:

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I can only imagine how cool I would have been attending an Elektron meetup with my Elektron temporary tattoo proudly adhered to my arm.


I have these 2 :


Wow, they look great!

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damn i’m jealous, i’ve got anything and some more except the tatoo.

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beyond cool!

But in all seriousness. I think a Machinedrum or Monomachine tatt would be sick, or maybe Rytm MK1 = ) We all have our touchstones I guess.

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Oooofff, these OG promo materials get me all wispy. I really miss that era of the branding and company. I still have huge respect, cause there are a lot of talented, artistic, and geeky people still working there.

But the original era was such a vibe. Teenage Engineering’s CEO Jesper Kouthoofd was very likely the driving force behind the art direction of these promo sheets…and then others took it from there and preserved some of that retro atmosphere, but took it a bit darker, which was also great.

Accentuating and playing with that earnesty of late-modernism’s advertising culture, especially to science and tech-minded youngsters. I feel like Jesper and many of the OG Elektron team grew up with 1970s and early 80s Popular Electronics and computer hobby magazines. It hits me right in the feels.



This reminds me of early TE and Elektron designs in some ways, the Flipper Zero a newish device for hardware hacking.