Elektron designers, how do you feel about people keeping the protective film on the screen?

Just a lighthearted rant, I’m not that serious :slight_smile:

I see quite a few people on YouTube or Reddit who keep the film on their Elektron gear, even seasoned users, and when I ask why, most of the time they say it’s to keep resale value. I get it, but it drives me nuts (just a tiny bit). In my opinion, not only is it another experience without it, it’s the intended experience. And to me, keeping the film is like watching a movie on someone’s iphone on a crowded bus.

Not to mention the performances I watch are usually chill home sessions. Why deprive yourself of such a nice display when there’s no danger in sight ? I don’t think succulents are a threat, do you ? Personally though, if I cared about resale value that much, I think I’d buy a cheap external midi controller to avoid touching my Elektron gear altogether. And even that controller, I’d use with gloves. You’re never too safe…

I’m just kidding. I get it. It’s just weird to me. So to put my mind at ease, I thought I’d ask Elektron what they think about it. If they’re OK with it, I might be able to let it go.

Incidentally, how do Elektronauts feel about this ?


I get rid of the film straight away. Resale value? I can’t imagine trying to haggle for a extra bit of cash saying ‘but I kept the film on the screen for two years, come on, this is hurting me’


Can you actually take off the protective film though ? To me it felt glued on, so I didn’t force to take it off. It does not feel like regular peel off protective film.


I put the film back on every time after I’ve used my gear. Mainly because I fucking love peeling plastic off things.

I dunno man, the rate the fucking things are multiplying…


I keep it until it starts to peel off from the corners, at that point I have to peel it off completely or i’ll go insane


Are you sure there is film on it? Sounds like it’s already taken off. Don’t ‘peel’ your screen off!


I wish I’d kept the protective film on my Monomachine, it looked really nice with a matte finish.

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Rip that shit right off! You can see the screen better.


I put a second protective layer over the plastic bit, pretty sure this makes the resale value actually go up. In fact I usually just shrink wrap the whole box.


Sorry, I was trying to DIY a Novation Circuit, my bad.


:face_with_hand_over_mouth: - a favorite recent meme. Thanks for the giggle.

For me, if the film is there, I’ll leave it there, I’m thinking of the next owner’s joy of peeling it. If it’s not there, oh well. (:


I generally keep it on until it starts to appear scratched and bubbly, obscuring the display.

Sometimes I forget its still on and think I scratched the screen itself! I do love relief.


I have one device with it still on …and well… I have to say I quite like the insta vintage aesthetics when taking pictures of it

…first thing i do with every piece of gear…get rid of all protection lids…pick some matching basic colour duck tape and cover all brand logos…

i never ever spended any second thoughts on resale values…
that’s a mindset i’ll never gonna get my head around…

we’re talking music gear here…not investment items…rock n roll not accountancy…
my goodness…


the screen looks way way worse with it, couldn’t stomach that

Although I do baby my gear in an obsessive way, the screen film gets removed the moment I know I won’t be returning it.


What a satisfying thing to do. Peeling protective films is almost as good as the excitement of the new item itself.
Synths, microwave ovens, whatever…

…just like a lizard changing skin…will it ever come with a new one? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

no problems with the screen itself though


the MM is the only one in this state though, the other machines either don’t have the protective film or i just leave it there as it doesn’t really create any issue in terms of screen readability. don’t really have to worry much about the screen being scratched or anything else as the machines just stay in one place and don’t move much really…not thinking retail price, it just …well, don’t know really, i might start peeling them off because of this thread though :laughing:


I’ve never really noticed it.

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Does anyone know where you can get replacement protective film. Mine is curling at the corners? :slight_smile: