Elektron at NAMM 2018

The original MnM concept came out in 2003 I think if Elektron decided to approach digital synthesis after 14 years from their first time that it would surely be like something completely new. And that’s exciting to me.


Probably … let’s see then :stuck_out_tongue: anyway i full trust them… so …

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i hope for…

digitakt - stable os , doing everything its supposed to without easy to reproduce bugs , possibly a few surprise features but somehow i think in 5 years time there would still be a ‘feature request’ thread …
overbridge working as expected , with no easy to reproduce bugs , fully compatible with latest win/mac os , some backwards compatibility , works with old and latest versions of live,logic etc etc.

if there is a new device , it’s more (to the public…) than a box with an lcd and promises.

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Both Thomann & Musicstore retired the AK from their catalogue.
I do hope it means a Mk2 is coming (I had just decided to buy one :open_mouth:)



@phaelam impressive, put it in a two tier with OTMk2!

Whoa baby!


I guess the technology just isn’t there yet for a proper display. :wink:


now yer talking :slight_smile:

8 tracks!!! Lfo 4??? SAMPLE trig??? This is not some advanced photoshop I hope. I didn’t think Elektron would revisit the best machine they ever made. Sidstation mk2 next ?:grinning:

You just got photoshopped, fam


That’s my dream right there. If it had the vcf/vca/overdrive of the RYTM or A4 I’d wet my pants

Cool, but you’ll want direct access to all these menus, switching is a huge pain.
So instead of your leds serie + couple arrows, you’ll want one button per menu.
You also need the Poly button, it’s a big part of the fun.
A reload Kit button as well, MM is missing this. And the whole Sound/Kits concept while we’re at it…
Dedicated Fill button is pretty cool on analog mk2 series.
Add Perf knobs.

Oh, a MM mk3 would be lovely, in fact…


DSI and Moog might not be there because literally all of Southern California is on fire right now…

Well, @phaelam- how does it feel to get that small taste of being Elektron?! :smiley:

TBF @LyingDalai is dead on with the switching being a pain, though

All those feature requests with your custom Elektron machine :smiley:


edit: I rambled, I think they’ll have at last one surprise, something unexpected and a little different

The AK is discontinued --worst kept secret in the industry --ask your retailer

That’s not too surprising, but the question is does that mean anything?

Are you sure ? (one of the retailers mentioned above told me they had no info, and that they could announce something at Namm -or not-)
Because if you’re >99% sure I’ll grab one of the last where they still have them.