Elektron at NAMM 2018

Directory is up:


Elektron will indeed be at NAMM, while others like Moog and DSI apparently are not.

Does that mean they are announcing something or just showing off Mk IIs?

Speculate away…


I think its about showing the MK2. I assume the RYTM OS needs some tweaks and Overbridge 2.0 needs work, plenty of stuff to come.


Probably updated Overbridge will be the main feature


It WOULD be pretty baller if they announced another DT style box though


DSI not at NAMM? that seems impossible, Dave’s there every year

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could be incomplete…

Would definitely like to see the next digitak form factor box.
If I’m gonna speculate away tho, I’ve gotta wonder if there gonna drop the 3rd box in the MKII format, completeing the grey trinity

The trinity’s centerpiece has always been the OT, though. The grey trinity is complete- just with a bit of contrast

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Oh they can announce a new device under a box, if it’s a prototype they have plenty of time then before to release it :slight_smile:

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Thinking to what you said damn if they release their own oktakontrol to match the form factor ? hahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, even if they are lazy (which they’re clearly not) they have plenty to show… :slight_smile:

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I think it will be all the current machines running together with the new overbridge. If they have that performing solid they don’t need any new products imo


And to announce a new dt when the current one isn’t fully functional would be a terrible idea imo. I’d rather see focus and development of the current machine before it’s surpassed by a newer model


Here some speculation based on rumours and my sick mind:


  • New synth. Probably based on Minilogue but with more voices. Has eight letters, first letter is a „P“ (source: „Gaz“ from sonicstate)
  • Volca Mixer
  • more volcas (Source: Bobeats)


  • A new synth. Maybe a peak with keys. Or a upgraded peak with 16 voices, plays two different sounds at the same time, maybe a intern sequencer, kind of a circuit/monostation Peak combo.
  • Some controller.


  • Shows of the new Quantum. (Source Waldorf)


  • Matrixbrute with more voices. Maybe four. Max. eight. ?
  • Minibrute 2!
  • Boutique Sampler.
  • Boutique SH-2 (Not really, but let me dream!)


  • Won’t give us what we want.


  • New synth based on a old vintage. Will cost 50 bucks.

A new small unknown company:

  • Digital synth. People will be shocked because „it does not sound like a Analog synth!“.


  • New vst synth

Teenage engineer:

  • Coffee machine

The rest:

  • Euro rack module…

They will announce something new. I’ll get cookies for all of you, if they don’t.


Effectively a Monomachine in Digitakt clothes and I think I might shit my pants with excitement.

If something is to come, I would expect another FX box to be likeliest.


I dunno, man. Comparing the market reaction from the Heat to the Digitakt seems to suggest that the Digitakt was more sought after(based on my rough observation)

Digitakt mk2


I like to see Elektron focus more on OS’s of the machines and Overbridge 2.0 instead of really new hardware.

Not really new but to complete the new line of LED displays, buttons & encoders:

  • Revision of the Analog Heat with new LED display, buttons & encoders
  • Analog Keys MKII it might be interesting to make it 6 voices to be more competitive to DSI

I tend to agree; although to elaborate on the TE prediction - the coffee machine will include a sachet filled with disdain for their own customer base.


I hear you. I guess I’m thinking that these boxes are often years in the making so I’d imagine if something did appear it would have been planned and in development long before Digitakt appeared and took all the attention.

My gut feel is nothing new at NAMM but you never know! I do think they need to fix some of the O/S & Overbridge issues first though

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