Electronic Beats TV (Telekom)

Searched and to my surprise there wasn’t an official thread to discuss their YT episodes.

So here it is.
(against the clock needs to share the spotlight)

They have a cool Tech Talk series which is what I’m mostly interested in.

There’s also Artist features performing live.

And also, “The B-Sides”. Which is an artist showcasing some of their favorite b-side records.
To those who aren’t familiar with the channel.

Here’s the latest Tech Talk video.

Seeing another producers process never gets old.


The opening little jingle needs to change, it’s annoying

I really enjoy this channel, been watching it for a while. Good content and very relaxed.

I recently discovered this channel while listening to Lapalux (unbelievably creative and amazing musician if you’ve never listened before) and for the first time in a while I got inspiration to work on a new sound.


You’re right, it’s like I’m being stabbed!

elektron easter eggs in this one.
also motivational. what a trade to have in your skill set, being able to play an instrument.

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Have also been following this channel for a while. I especially like the stimming reviews.


Yeah I love this channel, one of my favourites, excellent content

yeah some good gems on that channel

We’ve recently been talking about Kenny Larkin’s various keyboards elsewhere on the forum, so this is another good one:


Ian Pooley on the mpc 3000


and a little sequel


this lead me to watch their feature on him in his studio. favorite part is the dog bed in the corner, dog just snoozing away through his noisemaking. :hugs:

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really need to start investing in compressors and effect chains after watching this.
but wow its expensive.


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I think I’m more impressed with his custom studio desks. those are sweet!

also interesting that he’s got all that invested but is apparently using the (allegedly not so great) converters on that Midas desk. unless he’s bypassing them into something better, I don’t know.