Effect box for the OT

The OT has a pretty good delay. Other modulation effects however… Not so great.

The Eventide H9 can take a little work to set up, but it is 100% midi controllable and sounds great.


How do you use the Norns in the mix? No monomes?

I had to Zoia for a few weeks, it is pretty sleek, but I realized I am not into programing my effect in a very deep way. I think it could be an awesome addition to the OT, but for me I like dedicated effect pedal, which does one (or two) things, but does it well.

yes I do have to learn more about the OT effects. I tend to default to delay, then I’m annoyed that the I can’t chain the delay with the reverb without taking another channel… but I need to experiment more definitely.

I’m trying to find more information about using creatively PLocks and effects - but I don’t find much so far… Is there a good resources / forum discussion about it?

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This is actually possible, there was a thread about it here. Delay and reverb on the same channel that is.

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I use it on the way in rather than as a post effect, and it doesn’t tick any of the OP’s boxes, but I’m running mono signals through a Boss CE-300 (80s rack version of the Juno chorus) into a Lexicon Vortex.

Yeah I do use my Avalanche run between my Medusa to the OT, which is a nice way to have a solid reverb/delay on the Medusa. But I like the idea of having some LFO automation on Midi controlled effects to create long transitions…

I will soon use the OT’s Cues with an Hologram Microcosm.


With ZOIA you can make/find any effect/sound you need. Perfect for OT. Totally worth it.

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I often use LFO automation of OT’s delay parameters, mostly feedback and delay time. It’s cool and creates a lot of stutter and glitch effects, but it may be limited in a palette and color, so that’s where an external delay could help. Consider automating just these 2 parameters on a delay box on a scale of pattern. Or just assign it to the crossfader and play it.

Haven’t tried automating the reverb pedals yet, but the first thing to try is definitely a freeze (if it has it)

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Double checked, true… it was too good such deal.

Yep yep

Well, I still didn’t build a momome, currently using the Norns (shield) as a synth with some patches controlled by a keystep via usb connection.

Did a check on the repo and I’ve seen that there are some fx and multifx to test.
Perhaps it could be used also as a send return, but for midi control and tempo you’ll always need an usb to midi adapter.
Perhaps the keystep can work as a bridge between the Norns and the OT.
Need to experiment connections.

Yeah, H9 is great buddy for OT. Each effect has ten parameters which is perfect for the ten midi cc parameters available on an OT midi track. :upside_down_face:

Also the way the effects parameters are layed out is easy to remember and works very well with OT midi control, because it fits well with the way midi cc is set up in OT across two pages.

Modulating H9 with OT lfos and p-locking also works well. H9 reverbs won’t glitch or choke or something like that, you get nice timbral changes instead. Perfect for creating textures.


Nice yeah the Norns was on my radar for a while, but I think I’m done with the ‘program’ your device to make them works, I think I got lazy… or tired, just want to make noise now!

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Lots of great suggestions on this thread. If you’re looking for the greatest diversity of effect types on a budget and don’t care about amp/cab sim I would highly recommend the Line6 M5. Around 100 different effects to choose from. Only one effect at a time, but with a sampler around you can just rinse/repeat…. Midi din i/o, stereo i/o, the cleanest bypass I’ve ever heard in a multipedal… best of all, you can find em used for 100$, 150$ new.


Zoom MS-70 can chain up to 6 effects. Line6 might be a bit more hi-fi though? And does it have midi?

The Erica Synths desktop boxes are great for the OT. Zen Delay and Acidbox in particular add some distinct analog flavor.

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Depending on what type of music you make or how extensively you want to use effects, the Zoom MS-70 could be too lo-fi. I personally love it. It can emulate a pretty decent sounding Shallow Water or Generation Loss, and a very alien/metallic harmonic 5th with its pitch shifting effects.

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Also chaining different reverbs and delays together can produce very satisfying results. Personally I’m more of a shit-fi person. I use my Analog Heat to make everything sound like it was recorded with a shitty boombox. I think it tells something about the AH that it’s capable of that as well as subtle glue or hi-fi distortion.


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