Effect box for the OT

What are people using for extra effect out of the OT? I imagine something stereo with midi capabilities? I assume I could control the effect pedal from the OT lfo and such in Midi? I definitely feels a bit limited with the effect on the OT and looking for an external box to help with creativity.

I am currently using Meris Mercury 7 Reverb pedal and enjoying that on the Cue outs. I am however seriously considering the Source Audio Collider. It has actual DIN MIDI jacks - which the Meris does not. It also is a dual effects pedal - reverb and delay algorithms that can be used simultaneously. You may also run it as a dual delay or dual reverb engine. 128 presets etc…The flexibility of the pedal seems to match the flexibility of the Octatrack! Those are my 2 cents.

Yeah I know this pedal seems to be doing a lot, but as lame as it sound, I don’t like the look of it! But thanks, this is exactly what I am after, stereo, midi multi effect pedal (with no screen!)

128 presets accessible from the pedal itself or you have to use that damn computer app?

poly effects Beebo and a eventide space

The Source Audio website states that 128 presets are recallable via external midi control. Personally that is why I am interested. The OT internal FX have their place - but for me having more reverb and delay options would be great.

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+1 for Eventide Space. Lots of MIDI CC control if you have a spare OT channel, plus 5pin MIDI in/thru. Also have a Red Panda Particle 2 (also lots of CC on micro USB), and of course lusting over microcosm, like everybody else.
I use outboard FX for drones, ambient, noise etc and stick to the onboard effects for techno/electro and DnB/jungle projects. Sometimes use cue outs as well as mains, so running 2 stereo channels from OT to mixer (the fx are on aux there) in that scenario.


…i run an analog heat hardwired with the cue outs…

but that’s about it…the only additional pedal involved is some ehx harazai device that is exclusively spending fx make up to a mam03…that’s hardwired to ab inputs and gets triggered by ot’s midi engine…

anything beyond that get’s too much to handle for me…
and i hardly recommend to give ot’s internal fx options anytime another thought and another try for a new sonic perspective, cause THESE on first and static sight a bit outdated fx are anything else but that, end of the day…think out of the box within that box…it will surprise u many more times as u might think now…

Nothing yet but thinking about a Zoom ms-70cdr for the multifx chaining capabilities.
USB powerable, planning the combo OTmk1+Typhon+Norns/Minitaur+MS70CDR.

Sounds good! Add some distortion and you’re set for anything.

it changes but have used and experimented with: Jomox T-Resonator II, Eventide PitchFactor, Meris Mercury7, EHX Platform, Chase Bliss Audio Mood and the master effects of the Digitone.

I‘m GASing for an Audiothingies Doctor A as a companion for my octa. The reviews look really promising an full CC control via MIDI is a big plus. The price is right too if you live in Europe in my case Germany


Came here to recommend the Doctor A. I’m really happy with mine.


I mostly use OT fx, sometimes I use external analog distortions (Analog Drive), WMD Geiger Counter. A cheap and really good ambiant reverb : Hardwire/Digitech Supernatural.

I have an HX Stomp with tons of FX but I think I’ll use it for guitars mainly.

I’m really interested in ZOIA.

As said @reeloy, I encourage you to experiment more with OT fx with plocks, crossfader, lfos…

And make your own fx with resampling!
Record Cue, playing with a Flex, Pitch +12 (TSTR) add little Cue send for feedback = Shimmer reverb.

So when do we meet, so that I can test it? :wink:


multi FX there’s the Zoom MS70CDR pedal, cheap and very useful.


Soon! Really we should. It will revive my GAS for an OT but I’m willing to take the risk :smiley:

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Just no midi clock input to the zoom :frowning:


Everyone should have one. Sure, it’s a lot less hi-fi than pedals 3-4 times it’s price, but you can’t get anything even close sub 100€. It’s great for adding small touches here and there, much like the OT internal effects.

And yes, fx Midi control ability is a game changer with OT midi tracks CC control.

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Exactly. At least if you want to use the delay effects

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