Duration Overbridge Beta


Just wanted to ask how long a beta normally goes in a company as small as elektron. Any thoughts?


Approximately eternity. At least that’s my thoughts to avoid more disappointment in waiting.


Any answer without inside information from elektron will be a wild guess, because there are so many factors.

I can tell you that the Mac driver is working, with some caveats, and that it’s still being worked on. And DaveMech has posted some fun videos about the windows one :slight_smile:


I was actually estimating two eternities. You’re quite the optimist.


I try :relieved:


I don’t think you’re supposed to ask questions like that.


Less that you’re not “supposed” to; more that it’s impossible to provide a meaningful answer :slight_smile:


Is btw the overbridge still compatible with mk1 devices?


If I’m understanding meaning correctly.


So what happens for mk1 devices are they going to be compatible with overbridge? And what if i want to record my AR mk1 with ableton live? Should i use sound card? Sorry about stupid questions


either do it now with OB1 and the compatible device OS or wait for OB2 and upgrade to the latest OS at its release - mk1 devices are going to be supported (all OB devices will be) and purportedly perform a little better in the newer OB but obviously they have the same bandwidth constraints as before in terms of simultaneous track count etc