The AK is Overbridge 2 supported--its official!

The AK is Overbridge 2 supported while the A4 MK1 is not , which makes the AK a must buy at the current bargin prices for remaining stock at retailers
My guess is AK therefore must have the higher Speed USB like the other supported machines or is it just because – still a production model? big ups to Elektron for including the AK either way.

supported machines --Digitone,Digitrakt,A4 MK2, AR MK2, AH,AK


That’s not written or inferred anywhere

On the contrary, the AR Mk1 (and possibly A4) OS is being held up due to its tie-in to the upcoming OB release - so that Mk1 is running on OB2 (yet is not listed)

This does not imply that the Mk1 will be as feature complete bandwidth wise as the Mk2, the AR mk2 will be able to handle more simultaneous channels than the Mk1 - the same applies to the A4Mk1 wrt the Mk2, however, it’s not entirely clear whether the AK will be an exception here as its USB circuit (the same as A4/R mk1) may be better isolated on a bigger PCB and may offer a better bandwidth if this is the case

All the Mk1s have USB2 hardware but we’re forced to run at equivalent USB1.1 speed due to noise issues - perhaps the AK is better in this regard, but I suspect the list on the website is targeting currently available products … if you’re ‘selling’ OB, you’d want to tie it in to current products on sale - but I expect all OB capable devices will run on OB2, some better than others, whether the AK will be better than an A4 Mk1 is anyone’s guess


Yeah - I’m pretty sure I read that the MK1 units would still work, but would have less bandwidth and therefore fewer channels.

Current speeds have enough bandwidth for all the A4/AK channels anyhow. The benefits of increased bandwidth, are hypothetically better for AR, which has more voices.


I don’t think elektron will drop support in overbridge for the mk I units. That would create quite abit of bad blood among the older customers.


With my Analog Four mkI I can only get Main + External ins with main outs at 16 bit before it says I don’t have enough bandwidth. This is connected to a USB3 port directly on my PC computer? Should I be able to max all ins and outs at 24 bit, do I have to use Overhub or does it simply not work?

Arguably they could leave the MK1 units on Overbridge 1 and keep on updating OB1 in tandem

I can run 6 channels at 24 bit.

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I’m going to try AF + AR together this afternoon and see what I can get.
I wonder if I purchase Overhub I will be able to have all channels in and out on both AF and AR at 24bit in Ableton Live on WIndows 10?

I don’t think an Overhub will help, if you can’t get a reasonable number of channels with just the one unit connected to your Ableton host machine.

Hmm, maybe I should forget Overbridge for audio and route all outs on AF and AR to my Mackie Onyx 1620i.
I can then still use Overbridge for the GUI of each box.


We shall see how the MKI machines perform with it.

For the standalone editor I currently use MiniHost Modular from Image-Line.

nope, check open mike’s quote above. OB2 is confirmed for mk I analogs by elektron. Its only the channel counts that contain the caveat hinted at in the last paragraph, not unit compatibility. I suspect a form of ”broken telephone” here causing FUD about this issue.


Is there any clarification yes regarding the Analog Keys Mk1 and OB2 compatiblity, little confused by the thread?

It is supported, as all the previously or currently available OB devices are

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Ok thanks. I was a little concerned it was being dropped, with the AR2 I was wondering if the AK1 was going to be superceded sometime soon for the new OB release. Be cautiously cynical :slight_smile:

Do we know if OB2 is going to support the sequencer within the host plugin state please?

So, when will the MKII version be released? I did see that the new OS 1.35 has support for Overbridge, so guessing it can’t be to long before a relases?

Bought myself an Analog Four MKII today. Really love it!! Tack för att ni fixar så fina prylar:)

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