Sounds like RFAM … Rytm From Another Mama




Looking forward to this update.

Wonder how it will compare to the DFAM. Evidently, they have a few similarities in structure.


Btw, Simon, no release timeframe yet? A hit? A guess? A hope? :slight_smile:


Obviously we’re not adding any circuitry to the mk1 so how does this work?

It must use existing analogue oscillators (Bass tom?) in the machine and changing the way the digital control over them works?

It is probably not a good time for such questions :sunglasses:




I think the bottom four pads. Maybe a “tweak/mutation” of Plastic, Sharp, etc. Has a similar sound/feel, imo.


This is exactly how all the machines in the rytm work. Its basically a big digitally controlled modular as far as the tone generating circuits are concerned, the machines are just preset configurations in the matrix. Some day I wish we could access all the i/o within, perhaps via some SDK (?) Would be super messy and weird, but no doubt very interesting.


Really looking forward to this update. I think ARmk1 + DN will become a perfect pairing for me.


Mmmm. Yes. Would do nicely through the input (AH-mini).


Did Elektron ever disclose any info on how they set up the analog circuits and digital control? I’d love to learn about that.


FPGA i believe https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Field-programmable_gate_array

the spartan chip is in the a4/ar afaik


That’s one piece in a large puzzle :slight_smile:


Let’s hope that we don’t have to wait for this update until Overbridge 2.0 is ready.


From what I understand Dual VCO is finished and ready. It just needs to roll out with Overbridge 2 because the new OS uses v2 of Overbridge. Otherwise rolling it out now would break the current Overbridge implementation and piss everybody who uses MK1 off. Once that’s done we will get this and the transfer app


really makes me wonder how many more engines we will get over the Rytm’s lifespan. If I remember correctly, the Machinedrum originally was very bare bones, but 10 years later it had so many engines. Then again that was a digital box so much easier but lets see


Nope. Many Rytm mk1 users do not use OB. The Mk1 boxes do not have what it takes to stream multichannel audio at full quality over USB. (confirmed by Elektron)

They should just realease it already FFS, so we can get that Transfer App and actually start using samples in the MK1 without spending hours waiting for a sample collection to upload…


Not true in all cases. I’ve been streaming multiple channels into Ableton with a MKI Rytm since I bought it a year and a half ago.


But are you using any other external MIDI gear (sequenced from Live) or another audio interface at the same time?


I’m sending clock to Rytm and thru to OT. Using a USB soundcard as well. I occasionally send OT Midi to VSTs. You are right, though. I rarely do all those things simultaneously.