I’d imagine BND is bend, to maybe allow a pitch bump, useful in drum synthesis.
Though I’m not sure obviously as there is no way it seems to determine the bend up or down into pitch, maybe it’s both depending on which side.



I never use that on A4 ! :wink:

My money’s on Detune being the pitch offset from ‘VCO1’ to ‘VCO2’

FR looks like it could mean FRee there aot FM RM etc


Cycle waveforms on the RYTM sound so good.
I’ve gotten some monstrous bass action for sure.


I believe you are correct


Good call! It could be similar to the sample pitch control, where the center is 0 and you can dial in negative and positive amounts. Something like a glide control. Awesome.



amazing! thanks for sharing!


Simply Monstrous!! Can’t wait much longer!


Gimme that.


This is highly encouraging. It’s nice to see Elektron building some goodwill after the whole Digitakt OS and OverBridge delay fiasco. Keeping climbing back out of that hole Elektron! You can do it! Seriously, who doesn’t love a good comeback?


Cheeky! I guess I’ll just leave this here then.


Any chance for this machine ending up on the mk1? pleeeease? :slight_smile:


That’s already confirmed


read the first post a little too fast! sorry! really appreciate the mk1 not becoming left behind :slight_smile:


DAMN that’s nice




So stoked on this!


100% dvco stomp

Was that made just with a Rytm with the dual VCO?


Very cool. Always enjoy your demos.

What happened to \I/o ? (Edit: maybe that was someone else? Been a while.)


This is not helping me stay out of the OB delay dustup. :upside_down_face: (sweet beats)