Has the Bass Synth machine for Analog Rythm MK2 been released? I cannot seem to find information on this.




absolute noobster on the MK2 here but i read a comment on FB last night about a bass synth being added to the MK2?,could somebody enlighten me


not there yet. It will coincide with the OB release for all we know.


well, you can do bass synth sounds already, but not with a dedicated engine.
just fiddle around witrh the different synth engines and long hold/decay and don’T forget the filter page.


thanks for that


ok friend , thanks for the response


Try bass drum sharp or bass drum silky…
Put tune, swt, and swd to 0, increase decay.
Then try chromatic mode.

There’s also some single cycle waveforms in the factory samples you can set to loop and use as oscillators… :slight_smile:


Yeah totally forgot those. Just gave it a try, works nicely.


Can we be expecting an upgrade soon for our MKI’s so we can use the Dual VCO ??? Anyone else itching to make Dual VCO acid on the rytm ? I’ve done it with the BDFM and BDPlastic , Dual VCO is gunna be great! :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t hold my breath. Availability seems to be tied to the Overbridge update which is still being worked on.


Seems like updates are few and far between, Digitakt is still waiting for overbridge so I guess we’ll be waiting for another year for an update to the mkI models.


“All is Tied” : sounds like a good man voice sample for a track :slight_smile:


I can record something for you. It won’t be cheap, though :wink:


Does anyone know if the Dual VCO will have a phase reset, for consistent bass?

That would be really useful for me. I use that feature a lot on my Minitaur, for rolling 16th basses.


yes please I love the idea of having my rytm as an acid box


The lack of Dual VCO on the RYTM when it was advertised in the promo video is really bad. Why didn’t it launch with the product? Why would you advertise it if it’s not ready. The marketing department needs a serious talking to. It pretty much killed any hope that I’ll ever buy one.



Is there an ETA on the firmware upgrade for rytm mk1, with the 2vco bass synth?


Nah I don’t think so I tried to ask too! But I think an update is very deserved right now, my rytm mki is still very new! ///////
But if anyone wants to make acid with the BDFM or BDPlastic drop me a PM!


Maybe if we use both at the same time we’ll make our own dual VCO…