The Mk2 at NAMM had a new OS with the Dual Oscillator Synth in it and wooooow. It sounds HUGE
absolutely cannot wait for this to arrive


Sure, can’t wait to play with it on summer…or just after the summer. You know, by the end of the year.


lets hope not! Likely March!


Are there still no vids or audio for this dual vco yet?


I took one but you can’t hear a thing due to the background noise at NAMM haha


Can’t wait for this. Must’ve been fun getting to see all these things in person! I’m hoping to trade in my tb-03 for this and get an even more compact setup. Do you happen to remember what all parameters it had on the page? 1 page? Or 2 page like Analog 4? Sorry for the flurry of questions. :grin:


I took a screenshot but not sure if I’ll get in trouble posting it. If a mod says its ok I will do it. Probably wait for them to announce it. I think it was just 1 page but one of the parameters seemed to be the algorithm used and it drastically altered the type of sound you were getting. To say its flexible is a huge understatement


those are great new, man. don’t mind not hearing it, I’m fine knowing that it is awesome


Sounds great! Can’t wait to see what they’ve cooked up. Thanks for the info.


I found it interesting btw that one of the Mk2 Rytm’s had it and the other didnt


If the new OS is in beta, it would be quite sensible to have only one ”beta OS” unit. That way, if major bugs creep up, you can continue your presentations with the ”stable” units…

I really hope this new osc also comes to the mk I models… I don’t mind waiting for it, better to be good than soon.


There won’t be any concern about the OS functionality or that machine - the delay is down to the newer OS being tied to the as yet unreleased version of OB that presumably all devices will be using Feb/Mar - this is definitely coming to MK1

I also can’t see (@j0hnglist) why something already on display and in the public domain cannot be shared here (assume work in progress, subject to change) unless there was an explicit request not to - but to be honest, i’d rather wait and save the excitement for the os to drop and to ponder the possibilities then


got permission to upload :slight_smile:


Ok, yeah, gimme.

Can I just say I am pumped for this machine?



Any ideas on the meaning of F and R above Configuration? Frequency and Ratio, like a DX7, or am I getting ahead of myself here? Very interesting that there are separate decay controls for each oscillator! Also any idea what BND is?
Sorry for all the questions but I’ve wanted a machine like this on my Rytm since the first time I loaded up a single cycle waveform sample and I am excited haha…




when you turn the knob the letters change and its a different algorithm


And yet you still can, a meaty triple-decker.


As a vegetarian, this excites me an unreasonable amount :thup:


Thanks! What I am wondering is what exactly the R and F stand for. I guess I’m curious why, in what I’m assuming is a diagram of the two oscillators, they wouldn’t simply be referred to as 1 and 2.
Either way, I’m psyched to see there are different configurations at all. Very interested to see the different ways the oscillators can interact with each other!