Well, I think Elektron doesn’t like to repeat features from one equipment to another. The same way Analog 4 has CV and no Midi, Octatrack has Midi and no CV. Rytm is a drum machine with a basline synth (soom), so it makes no sense to make it Poly as A4 has it.

Yes but it took at least 2 to 4 voices if you want to be serious in the sound-design… Chord trick with OSC work nice with DUB STABS / SYNTH STABS essentially to me… because it’s plain SAW + F-Env + delay + reverb. But when you want souful keys you need to play more interesting chords with more interestinf timbre + not stick in one chord category…

i think a better solution for @MP_Huffman is to get a polyphonic module like an Roland INTEGRA-7 (or a ROLAND FA-06 if you have ROOM) or something like that. (there’s plenty older expander with 64-128 polyphony voices and exactly this kind of sounds inside to buy second hand too.)

Then you have a whole collection of Vintage Timbre with some synthesis control and you can play !!!

Funny you mention the FA-06 I’m selling mine so I can afford the Rytm! I really like the synth engine in it, sounds great for digital. But there are no hands on knob control apart from the cutoff and rez. Really kills the workflow scrolling through pages and using the jog wheel, so I want something with more hands on control. Also tried finding a way to control the synth engine with an ext MIDI controller but all the parameters are Sysex which is waaay beyond me.

I found I was only using it as a keyboard to control external modules and computer sample libraries so its time to trade it in. Plus I think the Rhodes (and Wurli) in it is really lacking on the FA-06, and Rhodes is really central to the sound I’m trying to achieve.

Thanks for the suggestion though! There’s plenty of affordable poly synths with lots of knobs, I’ll just have to decide on one. I’m okay with a Digital Poly but would prefer an Analog Mono. I’m just relieved the Rytm will come with a solid analog monosynth, that’ll take two items off my gear acquisitions list!

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Yes not the same on the INTEGRA-7 :wink:

So Nord Keyboards then :slight_smile:

That’s odd, my FA-06 has 6 knobs which have 3 banks of pre-assigned destinations and one bank of user assignable destinations.


For whatever reason the user assignable knobs can’t be assigned to the synth engine :confused:

That was a big reason I bought the FA-06. I assumed I’d have better real time control for synth sounds. Alas it was not so.

Also changes on the front panel Cutoff and Rez knobs aren’t reflected in the actual synth engine page. Lot of questionable programming decisions by Roland on the FA-06, sampler on it for example is really limited for no apparent reason. Also sequencer really annoyed me personally made me go back to Ableton. Tried to be computer free for awhile. It has a lot of potential but doesn’t quite cut it for me.

Ultimately though I’d like something with per knob function. Will probably ultimately get an A4 or DSI polysynth when I have the $ but get a cheaper digital polysynth to hold me over till then.

Why not sampling exactly these E-Pianos then? Prep the Melody / Chord Progression, load it into the Rytm, set the Note Length appropriately and remix it with the STA Parameter :wink: Or just sample it directly with the new MK2, which is most likely even more fun. If sampling on the Rytm MK2 is at least close to sampling on the DT - i wouldnt bother about these things at all since its so super easy and fun to just sample … and sample … and sample :slight_smile:

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I’m totally psyched about new machines! Although I was a bit disappointed to hear this new machine will be on the bottom row of tracks. I’ve been hoping for something similar on the Tom tracks. The Toms could make great simple, one Osc. melodic synths if the decay remained consistent across the pitch range…
Either way though, I predict this new machine will be an awesome addition to an already exceptional instrument :thup:

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yes, the decay in the high pitch register is the biggest issue for me! but as @avantronica said, there is nothing to do about it, it is how those tracks are developed

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Can anyone explain to me how to use the new synth engine for bass? I don’t know where or how to assign to a track.

Read the thread and see if you can get some clues to your problem… :wink:


As we said, it is not available yet.

(But from what I understand it will be a machine that you can assign to the bottom 4 tracks)

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Thank you sir :pray:t2:

Yes. And I dare say that it’ll be a clever and quite complex solution in a simple machine. Did try it at Elektron HQ the other week, but should not reveal more detail than that.


AH, C’MON, now I’m really curious! At least tell us what you thought of it. Does it sound as good as I’m hoping?

(btw, I’m a fan here, absolutely love your stuff!)

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I only tried quickly in an office (as close to an office as the Elektron HQ is) environment. But to my ears it sounded good. Very flexible. Highly musical.

It’s more than I imagined. :smiley_cat:


That’s great. Looking forward to it!


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Thought you all might find this interesting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sc2CfeCyfZ4

Looks like there is a cable which can split midi input to different midi channels effectively making the Digitakt polyphonic. Same principle could probably apply to the machines on the Analog Rytm assuming the midi channel structure is the same? Still though if the Dual VCO machine can only be loaded onto three slots that’d only make for 3 voice polyphony.

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I’m really hoping that this will be somehow implemented in the update or at least in the future with an option to ‘chain’ voices for that synth machine.