Thanks for updating the mk I manual!

I didn’t realize just how flexible the DVCO is until now - Great stuff!

Could do with some clarification as on how to select which waveform for which oscillator within the CFG parameter range…?


But… I have a MKII. Still can’t find that in my manual. The updated manual too. Hence why I said I’m retarded… or maybe blind.


p94 for current MKii manual
p91 for current MKi manual



As part of my experimentation and learning with this new feature, I wanted to see what I could achieve with the round-robin approach. The main difference in this case is that the notes are allowed to decay instead of being clipped off by the next note. It works particularly well for bell tones or legato playing.

I tried some chord / pad playing, but it is a challenge with 3-voice polyphony. Especially if there are long delays. It works okay for stabs or mono-counter lines.

Some things I’d still like to try include round-robin technique with all 8 voices (using sampled waves). I don’t know why I’m so interested in playing polyphonic pads on a drum machine when I have other perfectly capable synths in my studies for that purpose, but it seems like a fun challenge.

It would be fun to split the MIDI keyboard into controlling Dual-VCO voices for the left hand (3 voice) and sampled single cycles waves (5 voice) for the right hand.

I’d also like to hear some unison possibilities with all three Dual-VCO voices playing the same note together, perhaps with different waves, LFOs, or tunings on each machine. I bet you could make some monster mono-synth sounds!

It is fun to see how far this instrument can be pushed!



Installed the new update for my Rytm MK1 and am not able to change patterns when in the advanced scaling mode with INF length. CHNG is set to 16…
Didn’t have this issue before - any similar experiences with the update?


this thing is giving me a serious boner right now

even tho i found a reproduceable bug already with regard to sample lvl knob


There is another one wich is like a weird F at the end and i am not sure what this mode is. Anyone know?

I think that it is probably FM combined with ring modulation.


I found on my MkII that it was out of tune at all ranges. I calibrated and now it is in tune across the whole range. You might want to try that.


Go even more crazy and resample dvco noises and play them back as sample layer on a dvco.

Resampling… nice on digitakt , wish mk1 had it though ye olde overbridge helped.


Just saw a post of someone doing some bass type stuff with the DFAM

The dual VCO on the Analog Rytm sounds super similar to my ear… pretty cool if you as me, in some ways a rytm is like getting 4 DFAMs along with all the other parts. I guess the “hairy” bass is gonna be a thing in peoples music for a while now.


could you please explain in more detail how you managed to do this? thanks!


I’ll try to clean up my code for sharing and create a tutorial video in the next week.


I upgraded and messed around with the Dual VCO machines last night and holy cow batman the Rytm can make some crazy acid sounds, especially with filter/resonance p-locks going.

I’m sure 303 purists would scoff at the idea but dang it’s the most similar to a 303 I’ve heard from a non-303 clone/original.


I built an Ableton / Max-for-Live device to play the three Dual-VCO pads polyphonically. By default each pad on the Rytm responds to a MIDI Channel. By splitting the notes from my MIDI performance into channels 1/2/3, I was able to cycle through them one note at a time.

I am providing the Ableton device for free download and also made a tutorial video:

I would love to see what other people can do with this. Please share your results!


Lol. Cool. When I first got my AR years ago, I thought of using it this way. I looked for something like this to facilitate, but I didn’t really find anything.

Great video.

I may try it out; although, I am less interested in doing this nowadays.



Just had a full day of messing with some old projects. I feel like I’m digging the rytm now more than ever! The DVCO kicks give me a thump quickly, many old pattns got a new life just by changing some sounds and further tweaking… Also, whenever I loaded up a pattn that had snares or hats that screamed ”rytm”, I killed off the synthesis and just loaded up some samples instead, much better! :wink:

I feel like I am finally learning how to properly use my rytm, after all these years. Its a box that has grown on me / grown with me the most. Understanding all of the rytm’s idiosyncracies and gainstaging still rewards further, pattns can be refined more and more :loopy:


The DVCO really makes me regret letting go of my Rytm.
I used to make synth lines with the rimshot machine and it seems like the same concept x100.
If I still had it, I’d probably just use the tom tracks to play back kick/snare/clap samples and use the bottom tracks all for DVCO

Considering getting a Rytm again. My only problem is I prefer the smaller size of the MK1, and the newer screen and buttons of the MK2.


It’s a really rewarding update, literally getting a strange and fantastic 3 voice monosynth in a software update, for free.
I was on my way to spend 600 dollars before Elektron dropped this.
Makes me wonder what else they might come up with for this machine.


As I expected I am using the Dual VCO engine heavily for my new liveset at the moment. From classic synth sounds to weird percussion everything is possible! The PLOCKS are of course the key to fun here. At first I was a bit disappointed about the missing white noise but then I figured that I could still load a sample along with the synth engine and add my filtered noise.


I mean, when I used Rytm MK1 before, I basically did it the other way around. Used synth sample chains on the Tom tracks for full tunes all the time.

Who knows. Who could have thought 2 years ago they’d have released all the new boxes and updates that they did.
I wonder what other kind of wild synth machines they could squeeze out of the top row, with the cluster OSC config it has to make the Metallic machines.