Damn, I have a gig tomorrow, Im not going to update mine until after - excited to have a go!!


Same, it’s really tasty sounding. Adding in a third osc with the sample layer using a single cycle is really good. Like, I can’t believe how good good.


I’ve sketched up two tracks in the last 4 hours, no drums, just dual VCO’s, weird samples, cycle wavs, etc.
They really sound incredible.

They should definitely release a 4 voice mono synth with this engine in the DT form factor.


Thank you! I was looking into the changelog that came with the update .syx file. As I understand only the MKII manual was updated with the 2VCO machine. But I am glad they put it out, they can fix the manuals later. :slight_smile:


3 voice, voices 3 & 4 are shared

But yeah, its bananas to use the A4 for drums and the rytm as a synth, but hey if it sounds good…!

Has anyone tried making monster sounds by running a DVCO from an indiout to A4s osc inputs yet?


this machine adds a beautiful spectrum of sound to the box.
i made sounds last night from the the last 60 decades and the next 60.

anyone else notice an increase in operating temperature on the mk1 after the upgrade or am i just paranoid?


My buddy and I were chatting last night he’s got an mk, I an mkii both our units were a bit toasty after a bit. I jammed a bit this morning and it seemed to not be as warm tho.


hi , the cfg parameters on the MK1 are not so good to decipher on the lcd … but it seems on the MK1 we got umbers going from 0 to 79. can you give us a list which number ranges are + , which are r and f, and it seems there are also some F_ and R_, etc ? …


Pretty sure it’s been posted above. Config 1-79 are the various combos of wave shapes available between the two vcos. R=ring mod F = fm ___ = reset wave per trig (good for rapid basslines)


I rigged up the new Rytm Dual-VCO Machine with a round-robin MIDI setup so that I could play all three voices simultaneously from a keyboard.

Here is a test video that I made improvising with an arpeggiator:

There are so many possibilities with this machine. I feel like I could spend a lifetime exploring it. Thank you for the new features Elektron!


My summer time sadness from selling my A4 has been remedied by this amazing update!

I love that the decay can be set to infinite, i’ve been making some gorgeous ambient drones. It’s easily the most versatile of all the Rytm’s machines.


Is it normal that the DVCO is not tracking pitch very well at high octave ?


I find it odd that you’re using the A4 for drums when you have a Rytm, and the fact that you’d sell your analog drum machine for a synthesizer to use for drums. What am I missing here?


The A4 makes REALLY GOOD drum sounds that sit perfectly in a mix


That’s a pic for the MKII manual
Looks almost the same on a MKI though.


I did not have access to do this from home during the weekend. The Rytm MK1 should be updated now. Release notes directly accessible from the website will be updated soon as well.


Pretty cool!

Why use all three voices for a monophonic arpeggio though? Is the envelope behaving erratically if you only use a single voice for this kind of arpeggio? I can imagine MIDI round robin being perfec for playing chrods though!


This engine is amazing. The manual states the letters R F + and what they do. There is another one wich is like a weird F at the end and i am not sure what this mode is. Anyone know?

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This engine is amazing. The manual states the letters R F + and what they do. There is another one wich is like a weird F at the end and i am not sure what this mode is. Anyone know?


Had a play around this morning and was making some interesting sounds. The engine seems very versatile, particularly when you bear in mind all the filter, overdrive and LFO action you can put the Dual VCO through!


Thanks for updating the mk I manual!

I didn’t realize just how flexible the DVCO is until now - Great stuff!

Could do with some clarification as on how to select which waveform for which oscillator within the CFG parameter range…?