for the last f-ing time. the DUAL VCO IS NOT VAPORWARE.
they freaking had it showcased at NAMM in California heres this past Spring. I even played with it, its wicked. Overbridge 2 is the only thing thats vaporware as of now. Once it comes out we get all the things


Can you even begin to imagine the party at Elektron HQ when all this stuff is released? Shit. Will. Be. Epic.


No more beats!

Fugues only from this patch on.


At this rate, I hope there’s more machines added than just the dual VCO


[Your favourite dual vco osc config?]



The Analogs use FPGA from what I can tell. which is basically a programmable IC that allows you to use software control of the transistor circuit configuration. this allows you to design new analog circuits by updating software. There’s a few other synths out there Novation Peak for example that are using this tech though it’s still an emerging field in the music world.


There is an FPGA inside, but it assigned to do CV control of the circuits, no synthesis tasks. There are real analog VCOs, easily checked by how they track :slight_smile:


ah ha! that makes a lot more sense actually. would explain the limitations on machine placement too I suppose :slight_smile:


Sounds great! Love it so far…


this thing is BANANAS. try an LFO on Bend or Detune


Yep sounds wonderful! Yippee! :heart_eyes:


Damn, I really want to finally try the dual VCO, but loosing Overbridge is kind of a big deal for me. Can anyone tell me if the Rytm still shows up as a audio interface for audio output or does that also stop working?


Holy Bass THUMP!
Just got home, this sounds incredible, exactly what I needed too!!!

It’s too bad the A4 isn’t this beefy, jeepers



This is so odd to me.
Last night I started programming drums on the A4, which I hardly ever do, and I was thinking I might trade my RYTM for another A4 for drums.
With the Dual VCO update, I can definitely see some sets coming together with A4 on drums and RYTM on bass, melodies, soundscapes, etc.


Is there a documentation for the 2VCO machine? I gave it a brief test and will try to understand the different waveforms and modes tomorrow.


I feel like I can hit so many different variations in harmonic ratios which I don’t often find as easily just from the oscillator section of an analog synth. It almost feels more like my Digitone than my Mother 32.

Addendum: I would say it actually holds up the frequencies that the Digitone struggles with. I find it much easier to coax harmonic content with a fundamental frequency above 500 Hz from the Digitone while the Dual VCO tends to be the opposite - The lower harmonics are much more proportional and it gets weirder in the higher frequencies. Obviously you can get some great bass sounds out of the Digitone, but you have to work for the analog-sounding harmonics. It come so much more easily with the Dual VCO.


Yeah I thought this was going to be like a simple bass synth with a fairly narrow range.
This is WAY beyond what I expected.
I feel like I just got a free 4 voice mono synth


From the manual…


Screenshot credit: @panelist


Indeed. I was expecting a run-of-the-mill analog analogue oscillator, but this is different enough to warrant using because I want to, not simply because it’s convenient. Nice work, Elektron.

(needless to say, this new Machine is good for more than just chromatic synth sounds - it makes for some pretty awesome analogue drum sounds, too. Lots of control over the timbre)