I wasn’t talking about synthesis in general, but about dual oscillator stuff.


Awaiting dual vco…


“Let’s go!”
“We can’t.”
“We’re waiting for DVCO.”



“You’re sure it was here?”


“I can’t go on.”
“Off we go again.”

“You have a message from Mr. VCO.”
“Yes sir.”
“He won’t come this evening.”
“No sir”
“But he’ll come tomorrow.”
“Yes sir.”
“Without fail.”
“Yes sir.”


It is now JUNE. I heard that there are people beta testing the DVCO?! C’mon elektron! Pretty please?


I have a big gig in September, where I could use Rytm and if the DVCO is any good, it’s probably in the set. I’d need it before August though… :slight_smile:


I’m just looking forward to having another engine for @mekohler’s brain meltingly useful Collider app!


Never announce something that is not ready to deliver, I hope Elektron learns the lesson.
I personally don’t trust hardware anymore unless it’s 4 or 5 years old.


They won’t learn their lesson. Because they can keep doing it over and over and people just keep buying the product anyhow.


dual vapor controlled oscillator?


Dual VCO sample pack coming soon $14.99




Good thing the RYTM was released 4 years ago then.


I’m pretty sure you can actually make them sustain forever. You have to set the trig length, the synth decay and the amp hold and decay to max. By default the amp is set to hold auto, which syncs it to the trig length.

Then there are a few synth models which work quite well for standard synth lines.

Additionally if you can’t be bothered with the synth models you can always load up single cycle waveforms in the sampler. Don’t balk at the sample part. They sound great through those analog filters, and you can do lots of cool things by plocking start and end points and lfo parameters as well as the pitch.


hearing a cool track with a way funky bassline melody played via sequenced Rytm tom drum made me want to buy a Rytm


Not on my rytm. :confused:
Well, i can get one of the oscillators in a rim shot to sustain for a very long time, but the other oscillator dies down pretty quickly. And the other machines don’t sustain for long.

That is indeed somewhat true if you do fast notes.

Sure, but the talk was about dual oscillator sounds. Meaning you want some control over the oscillators. You can’t do that with a single cycle wave. Not that single cycle samples are not cool :slight_smile: But its something different from having 2 oscillators at your disposal.

Anyway, for me it’s no problem as i hardly do any chromatic stuff on the rytm. But i imagine that for someone who does a nice dedicated dual osc would be awesome.


Hi just bought my rytm mk2…love it and very happy…is there any news on the dual vco update? Ive seen a beta test video on youtube but its 4 months old…just wondered if any leaks suggest an iminant new os including that?
While im asking any possibility of ctrl all or bpm per pattern in an update…?


I really, really want that feature - if (hopefully) it will give me a usable on-board bass.


Yeah exactly…powerful addition