I wouldn’t mind breaking OB1, if I could have dual VCO.


sounded amazing but keep in mind, I was listening on very average headphones and surrounded by what sounds like Guitar Center on Acid aka NAMM. I definitely am dying for this update though


agreed. but then doing a diff build for the OS that includes the new stuff but ignores Overbridge 2’s code is even more of a distraction and time commitment so this is definitely not happening


Cool! I’ll give that a mess about with. I’ve had the rytm for a month now an spent most of that transferring my beats from octa.
Are those engines tuned to C in the centre position?


I guess there is more holding back the update, Rytm MkII doesn’t support OB1 so no reason to delay it on the MKII unit for that. Hope we will see some nice stuff this weekend.


yeah - all set up to be flexible for use as monosynths - really lovely although there’s not too much to tweak compared to A4


Awesome, that’s great to hear! Hah GC on acid sounds pretty brutal!!!


Thanks for that! Just fat juicy bass will be most sufficient.



That’s not what I’m saying. I don’t use OB1, so I don’t need compatibility.

I’d take the new software as-is.


Well, no, not quite.
As i noted the envelopes of the models are often too short to have any sort of sustained notes.


i respectfully disagree - the machines people use for synthesis are the new additions along the bottom row and I’ve had no trouble making them do a good monosynth


I guess no dual vco in the near future. I don’t know why I believed they would deliver anything at Superbooth. I’m done with being disappointed by this company…


Why couldnt they just release as is with whatever OB code is in there? Its not like OB needs to verify anything before the RYTM functions. The OB stuff just wouldn’t be useable.
When OB2 exists, we could just update to the final OS.
If thry can do it for DT, they can do it for AR1


I think there’s a few things on tap to coincide with the OB release, the mkII still can’t be used as a soundcard as advertised either. Maybe the DVCO and things like that are meant to drop at once?


I guess its just a weird thing to do a release that you know will break functionality that’s been working for 2 yrs now


I got a response from Elektron and they confirmed what you said, there is no way for reasons they didn’t quite go into that they can release ARMK1 OS without OB2 alive and well.
IT’S A HOSTAGE SITUATION FOLKS!..aaahh, just kidding…about the hostage thing, the former is real.


I’d guess they can’t split them out because they are tightly integrated. It is hardware after all - not like OB is an app that sits on top of an operating system - for it to work well it would have to be right in the guts of things.


So basically they could release it for the mkII people. But they probably don’t want to because all the MKI folks will get angry ;-).


Maybe the DualVCO is just to ‘hot’ to make the AR mk2 ‘freeze’…