It is still kept prisoned somewhere deeply in the dungeons of Elektron Manor …

Maybe a brave warrior can be found to rescue it?


Without the correct initiation rites and musings, it will only anger the omnisssiah and curse our sacred machines. We need the techpriests of elektron to deliver it, cannot be avoided.


But the Rytm also has 2 VCO’s in snares and some other sounds.
It’s just hard to use it as a synth oscillator because the envelopes and such are tuned for percussive sounds.


Yea, the envelopes definitely need to be modified with adjustable attack and decay/release shapes and slopes.


Yo is that a Warhammer 40k reference?


Well, arguably you don’t need the envelopes in the synth section at all.
You already get separate filter and amp envelopes so the oscs could be on all the time. I’d rather have some interesting modulation parameters than space taken up by envelope parameters.


I assumed we were talking about the amp section.


Ya I’m talking about the amp and filter section envelopes. If I wanna make a kick from filter resonance for example, it would be nice to be able to design the envelope attack and decay.


Just a weird thought. Remember Elektron announced the Ring-Mod kick drum? After all the result was a big update with a 12 new synthesis models.

I only count on the Dual VCO synthesis model. But you never know why Elektron wait so long to release this update. :alien:


You can design one of these stages meticulously if you spend your LFO on it. Oneshot LFOs can always be used like a custom env.


Then it is time for the AR-osc’s

Now we can get a badass bass out of it


Do I detect uncertainty in your purpose?:wink:


Did we ever get that Ring modded kick??


plastic bd


Oh, no, i was talking about the short envelopes in the drum models that have 2 available oscillators (fm snare, rimshot, cowbell, etc).
They all have some sort of short amp envelope built in so you can’t get sustained sound from them.


Yeah, that would be nice. :slight_smile:
Tho i kindof have a problem with filter kicks. The envelope itself seems to be triggered a bit loosely and the resonance buildup is a bit inconsistent. There is also some discrepancy in timing when retriggering the LFO (i tend to use it to give the filter kick a little extra bump that i can’t get from the filter envelope alone).
All in all i’m not to keen on using resonance for kicks.


In my euro system, my Mograsmatron and Dual Borg Filter make the most SAVAGE kicks when using Maths as the envelope generator. Like kick you in the teeth kind of kicks. I’m looking to do something similar on the AR.


guys the Dual VCO has been ready for a long time now. I played with it for 30 mins at their booth at NAMM.
The only thing holding up all these updates is Overbridge 2. Because the new OS updates to the RYTM would break compatibility with Overbridge 1. SO they have to wait to finish OB2 before giving us the entire update


Was it meaty!? I’m hoping for something that fills the gap I find with my a4 mk 1 bass sounds.


The AR already does this … handsomely too, the new machines introduced at 1.3 iirc cater for this if you dial out the drum specific aspects