DT limitations


It’s just disgusting to see, an update for a compressor, while the demand is to see further.
Maybe mechanically updating,
is simply impossible.


The addition of a compressor to a piece of gear being called disgusting is kind of rich. There has never been any mention by elektron that they will add slicing or zoom.


naw to all of that:

  • the s-series has no encoder to speak of. tact switches perhaps can act up and are trivial to replace.
    asrx had a more prominent problem with the two encoders but they are readily available.
  • lcd can be replaced for great majority of gear aswell.
  • anyone working with older samplers has actually installed a cf cards instead of floppy disks, because ofcourse.
  • very rarely have heard of any capacitor issues with samplers, but the 6000 in particular is not even that old.

its all academic though. for anyone interested, there are thoroughly services and maxed out samplers out there, some even with guarantees. they should be good for guite a few years.

rawndry guy from germany is a nice dude hit him up.

the size aspect is indeed a thing, which is why i followed it up with an ipad min/beatmaker 3 option.
infact ipad mini and dt are an absolute wicked combo. usb midi to and fro via single cable too.

honestly i think this is all some heavy duty whining.
i am usually on OP side of discussion when it comes to features but DT is fine.
what i get pissed about is NI maschine not having a song layer mode after how many years. screw em.


You do not read
Trouble is the update for the compressor, which is a gadget for a machine that is 650 E! and does not have the role of multi-effect studio ! For sure Elektron send us Analog Heat woaw for sure !!
And the fact of the updates to survive beyond a compressor is that the machine has already reached these limits.
we are in a range of semi pro equipment …

I may be expecting too much of the mark !


DT has no limit if it is used in pairs with another sampler.
It’s easy with her to prepare a sample and to play it on another sampler …


I think you are expecting too much, yes.




Elektron have actually stated many times that part of reasoning behind the mkii redesigns were parts. So your suggestion that they don’t update wouldn’t work if they wanted to remain producing machines.


No victim
Bring me, some wine bread, and games
’ happy with the interface for the price.As well as the quality.

But, should I turn to an OT, it would be wasteful#…
Because where DT is overpowered is when the sample is one shot and it turns 90BPM, it is the best music breakbeat.

Today i prefer experiment to face off my sequencer, than masturbating about new equipment for the next year


(Sampler runs with me for a long time)
My idea remains the same for how I feel about the update (with great spirit) and in general how how builders should use them with subtility


Sheesh, fellas…it’s just gear!

I play electric and upright bass for a living. I have a couple uprights and maybe a dozen bass guitars for different situations. I love em all for what they are and not one of them can do everything.
Electronic music is more of a hobby for me these days, so my rig is humble. DT, OT, 0 Coast, iPad, computer and Logic. They are all useful and not one of them can do everything. I couldn’t survive without music…it’s a beautiful thing.
Sorry for the hippie rant :slight_smile:


I have a Digitakt, I have mixed feelings about. It frustrates me with some of its limitations yet it is quite enjoyable to work with. Here are some issues I have with it which have probably been mentioned already:

  1. How can a unit with such an intelligent sequencer with trig conditions, parameter locks, micro timing, extensive midi sequencing not have any form of song mode? The +drive is brilliant, its like something you would find on a high end workstation not on a small eight voice sampling groovebox, yet I cannot easily sequence a song? Thanks Elektron. Chain mode is a joke. After creating your chain if you jump to another pattern to edit it the chain is lost, wtf?

  2. In 2018 did working with stereo samples become obsolete? Its like Elektron purposefully crippled the functionality of the DT so that it will not threaten the Octatrack. I hate that philosophy, Elektron are clearly more focused on finance now than building instruments.

  3. Pretty much all budget hardware samplers allow you to route external audio through FX for sampling, but not the DT. Again, what year is this? More likely this is another design decision to ensure the DT does not threaten the Octatrack.

Elektron have clearly restricted functionality on the DT and that annoys me. It would be a simple for them to allow external audio to pass through the fx and implement a song chain screen like on the Rytm or A4. Why provide 8 tracks of midi sequencing for external gear when you cannot send an external synth through the fx or even monitor the external device in stereo, again wtf? Instead we end up with this half-ass box which does not know what it is. Its a like a kid who just switched school and does not know where to stand during break time.

Having said that getting a groove going on the DT is very intuitive, the workflow is fast and its easy to go from sampling external audio to a decent beat in a few minutes. But then I start having to think about how I can sketch out a full composition and then the chain mode falls short for an otherwise powerful sequencer. Using the 8 midi tracks it would be nice to just run a sound module through the DT for a minimal setup, but without FX or stereo monitoring you are pretty limited. Actually, I think I just convinced myself to sell it :broken_heart:


It’s not about how long the boxes last, elektron boxes last and are built relatively solid. But elektron is a company, not your best friend, the need to stay in business.
So if they are low on parts to fix the mki machines and cannot produce any more new machines, how do they stay in business? How can they guarantee the ability to service existing equipment?

I get your point, stuff should be made with longevity in mind. But you make it sound like the mkii updates were an arbitrary update, when they were not.


coming from an Electribe sampler, the Digitakt feels like an infinite playground…


Haven’t been around as much as I used to, good to see how well everyone’s been getting along… :joy:

Come on nauts now, smile on your brother(sister), everybody get together, try and love one another right now… :rofl:


interesting you say this. i loved the emx and esx and the new electribes were such a dissapointment.
where the first generations limitations were inspiring, the second one felt artificially gimped and dumbed down. i guess its a thin line.
i understand wanting for more features, i just think its kind of unfair to expect extensive sample editing from DT.


in any case, im going to bow out of this thread.

didnt mean any offense to anyone. a joke can be apparently perceived as disrespect, dont want that.
ultimately, if we get the stuff requested in this thread its a win for all.

i think its futile though but have at it.


If these 3 guys can sort out their differences, surely we can?



Interesting to me too. The Electribe Sampler is quite a powerful beast once you get over the initial menu diving. 24 note polyphony, stereo sampling capability, Chord/Scale function, Arpeggiator, Insert FX on each track. The DT cannot do any of that