DT limitations


Page 9 of the manual, at least that’s how I interpreted it.


No more MPCs…I want a pure SAMPLER!

That said, Ableton’s Sampler/Simpler is so good.


The line between the two is obviously very subjective. You could easily argue that it’s already a beatmaking powerhouse in its present state. Either way, does it really matter what Elektron have to say about it? It is what it is, and can be used to create all sorts of things without anybody telling you you’re doing it wrong.

The 404 was brought up earlier in the thread, sure it has stereo sampling and huge memory, but the sequencer and screen are a joke and it can’t sequence midi. Yet it’s still become a much-loved staple in genres as diverse as hiphop, techno and pop, without Roland every really updating it (bar the minor SX revision) or saying what they envisaged it for.


I haven’t found a sampler ITB or OTB that I could take a sound and create a great lead/bass as easily as I could with the DT. I’m sure plenty will disagree but genuinely, I can’t get near what I could do with a DT as quickly and effortlessly with Ableton or my OT.

So, for me, when I consider the asking price and the amount of sonic gold I generated compared to other options and results it’s a pretty cost effective tool that can do an awful lot with some imagination.

I’m not sure if this is in the cards with OB, but if I can easily drag and drop samples from an Ableton session into a DT via OB and, possibly, vice versa them that’d be incredibly cool. Going off topic there though!


For monophonic tones, it does a great job from a sampler perspective, this is true. So drums and bass and lead. But for polyphony (it’s a hack to get it to work) and for long, evolving sample/loops that beautifully crossfade into one-another, it’s not as intuitive or apt for


I’d like some hardware version of Renoise/Redux sampler.


but why do you dont go with s6000 then?
or if portability is important, then ipad with bm3?
or an mpc1000 with jjos?

all of the options are on the market already dunno what the fuss is about.


obviously it would be nice to have some more sample editing capabilities, like crossfading, but DT is concieved and marketed as a sample playback device (and mangler) not a workstation.

yes, some older samplers were more capable in certain areas but they were different concepts and beasts. its not a mere matter of technology having progressed. “put some of em new chips in there” isnt how it works.

im sure someone would have written the same above, but the limitations are part of its charm, appeal and character. kind of unfair to expect it to be all things to all men imho.

tldr; you dont buy a lambo to go offroad racing.


Ableton could fight Elektron next year.
It would be an idea to put Ableton in a metalbox with a beautiful screen,
Today DT is not finished because when i see good tips like microtiming ,and no slice capabilities for win i thinkfarting it would be time to achieve the concept at the next update/ do not ask machinedrum that would be able to loop samples hu … We do not ask a DT to become OT, it will not be possible:
In short, a cutting process that would make the sampler attack.
so one shot mastered and archived by an update.
And a zooming mode for sample playback on the sequencer and Elektron wins!

I’m talking about a lot of proud users enjoy recording long samples, then to complete the necessary, only here, he did not understand the concept and resell their DT for a Toraiz, because the OT is too complex.


I agree, this is the main thing I try to explain, the DT was never marketed as a Ableton in a box or a next gen MPC. It can do basic functions that those two can but it excels at being a ‘8 voice Digital Drum Computer & Sampler’ instead.

Pretty much why people dont buy 8 string bass guitars, triple neck guitars and lambos for off-roading.


as much as we all want Ableton in a box around here it will never happen and Ableton will never fight Elektron. Ableton is a software company, Elektron is a hardware company.

Ableton’s interest is in the software and the Push pushes sales for that, if they released a Live in a box either the software or push, or both would take a hit.


For me these are the only two limitations today that make the DT a machine not completed: The slices and a zoom after recording.

If ableton will not do it for a hit story, others will do it for the glory of the market :laughing::wink:

Waldorf with Quantum understands that programming samples via a wave table will limit wallets


A few things I hate:

  • old flaky encoders
  • burnt lcds
  • old data medium
  • aging capacitors
  • 19" rack-mount units

Since I’ve been using samplers from pretty much all vendors between the early 90s and now: been there, done that.


I feel the MPC live is that, have read mostly good things about it too. And yeah the slicing is something I wish I had on the DT that I miss on my OT.


Fun to see Pioneer launching a sampling process when Elektron update his collection for MK2.
It’s a waste for the year


Why not just update instead of, making and wasting materials for there box’

Mk II ’
Analog heat II ’


So update is not the same target for yu lucky man
OT handler ':space_invader:


Well there is a famous line that’s used around here daily that ‘limitations inspire creativity’ :upside_down_face:


i hope to crack pushing thru with or without machine;But I haven’t OT and I have trouble using the DT without a slice research mode’
I feel that it could help many users


Thats the beauty, if you are not satisfied with the features of the DT then there are things like Pioneer Toriaz or DJS you can get instead, but im happy with my DT because it does what I bought it for. I didnt buy it expecting it to be a Macbook with Ableton inside.