DT limitations


please tell me elektron why so many sample editing functions are missing from the DT.

I can give examples. Crossfade looping. o point crossing etc etc no zoom. come on please add this its 2018. love the box but I want to do stuff on the box not on a fricking ipad or laptop


Well there is no perfect sampler. DT is definitely geared towards drum or one-shot style samples. Many older samplers don’t have a waveform display at all, so you have to edit by ear on those, and it works just fine usually. Even snap to zero-crossing doesn’t ensure you won’t get a click on a loop, regardless of the sampler. Crossfade looping, that would be nice, but voice management would be an issue. In the end like i said, it’s a sampler that’s geared towards drum sounds. It can definitely do more than that, but it’s not designed to excel at these applications.

I’ve paired it with an AKAI rackmount sampler, and couldn’t be happier.


im oldskool too its just these new chips coming out now are pretty powerful they could be adding more I mean the technology is ancient and I dont care for graphical display I mean cross fade looping it could have been so much better. I do agree it is a drum machine and its a good one maybe they will release another model geared towards sound design


The octatrack is definitely more of a “sound design” instrument. Though i’ve never used one. I do agree there is no modern sampler out there that touches all the bases (high voice count, graphical display for editing, keygroups, multitimbrality, exceptional filters, lfos etc) for me. Everything is based ITB.


I agree but im just merely asking for things that were on samplers back in the day I mean come on there is no R n Dcrossfade looping the list goes on. I dont care for key groups or multi-samples I just want better editing functions on the box so I dont have to use recycle or ableton back and forth back and forth its annoying lol


Valid points.


I’m so olden school I don’t even know what crossfade looping is! Thanks for giving me something to look up. Golly gee, what will these whippersnappers think up next?

(returns to his SP-303, wondering what the brouhaha is all about)


Answer. Buy Octatack. Now everything is possible… I have a OT and a DT. Been learning the OT for over a year and it gets seriously freaky. Just finally brought the DT back out last week( and recently scored a AH MK1 for super cheap)… …What a team. Pretty much sonic heaven. To be honest, now that I am semi comfortable with my workflow, I have been thinking of trying to trade the DT for another OT MK1. The DT is fun sometimes, but once you learn the OT it’s even funner.


I loved the Digitakt for the first six months of using it. But then the limitations felt awkward as hell for me. If anything, it made me appreciate Ableton a lot more. I miss it now and then so I will probably keep it for a while. The Digitakt sits at a weird price point too at where you can get a Maschine MK3 for less.


Yes ! We need something like a new S6000 as a desktop module. Multitimbral, with layers, multisamples, xfade loops, loop in release, loop to release, and all the features from the 80s as well as more modern features. But I’m afraid we’ll have to stick with kontakt now …




I am an ex-OT owner and now a happy DT owner. I made the switch after getting Ableton because I was looking for a sampler/drum machine to handle mainly drums and not for a sampler to be a DAW replacement. With that in mind I feel the DT is perfect and fills the role I bought it for just like a glove, however I would not be happy with the DT if I was looking for a DAW or MPC-like box… if I wanted that I would just get a DAW, MPC, OT…etc.

In short, the DT is missing so many sample editing functions because it was never meant to be a deep sample editing machine like an OT is.


I predict Ableton will release a hardware box soon with standalone functionality and it will be fkn excellent! :sunglasses:.


I feel the unit makes so much sense for someone who is just starting out in music production as DAWs can be really overwhelming. Digitakt does the most essential stuff.

To me, the Digitakt shines in terms of sound quality. The reverb and the sample playback are both top notch… I keep thinking of working in ableton and creating stems, and then sending those to the digitakt. That could be a good way to approach it, specially since you wouldn’t have to depend on the tools available in it.


I think they do sell it as more than just a simpler sampler or drum machine because it is that, but a lot of people seem to expect and want more. Its cool to have many features but there are a lot of things they could have crammed in the box and they decided not to for a reason, I feel the DT has a focus as an instrument rather than being a Production Center. Besides, everything that is listed in the products page is included in the box (besides OB), you can even download the manual and verify all the features to make sure what the box can do before getting it.


To clarify my opinion, I think th DT is fine as is. However, I do believe there is room for a proper sampler on the market. And I certainly don’t mean another MPC.


The whole point of the Digitakt is that it is an instrument first and foremost. It’s supposed to be limited. It’s exactly those limitations which force you to play with it in creative ways.
Obviously, not all the limitations of the Digitakt are creative ones, some will be about cost savings, others perhaps a little more cynical, but I really do think that what it is now is pretty much what it will be for the foreseeable future.
If you’re looking for a sampler that does cross-fading and loads of other stuff, look elsewhere, because Elektron clearly have no intention of the Digitakt being that. At least not this version of it.


What makes you say that? Did Elektron state it somewhere?


All machines are by design limited. It’s not a DAW. But I think, and some might agree, that the Digitakt feels like it SHOULD be able to do more. By that, I don’t mean it should be an OT, but at least have more than one filter applied at the same time, support stereo (like the super old SP404), have more than two FX… etc.

It is still fun for what it is.


It says so on the faceplate (“drum computer”)