DT bug reports - OS 1.01

Yep the same here. This message appear
SSP:4 VEC: 03
FS: 4 SR:2000
ADDR: 40088B9E

Did you send this info to elektron?

Not yet. Where should I report this?

If Elektron puts out an update in the next week that fixed the issue, then yes I’d wait, but I won’t sit on an unusable machine for a long period of time.

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I would submit a ticket via the support section on the elektron website.

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I’m getting the same kinds of crashes. It’s a terrible noise!
Getting used to saving the pattern regularly though so that’s good, heh!

Mine’s buggy and is being returned. Should not have shipped unless it was ready. So it goes…

I had three different patterns saved, different sounds setup on each track/patterns and different bpm’s on each, no miditrigs and was fiddling between them and going back and forth, suddenly the present pattern keeps on playing and no keys/knobs are responding at all, had to shut it off, but was working as before after the reboot.

Btw. Having so much fun with this machine, so rewarding! :smiley:

You’re right. Rants lead to no good. I’m gonna stop talking now and enjoy the Digitakt for what it is. I really like it and Elektron, and I believe I’ll do more good outside this forum than inside. There are other ways to contribute, so I’ll do that instead.

Thanks for bringing this up! It’s really annoying. :+1:

I think I"ll wait for another 6 months for the next batch and/or when software is stable.
Things will getting better, I know, but I am not a very patient person. Buying the DT now will end up in disappointment and probably selling it.

I really don’t understand why these bugs aren’t detected before shipping.
No (proper) BETA testing?

Yeah. The bugs are a bit annoying and gets me out of the flow.
Can we hope for a free Overbridge Premium for everyone that ran OS 1.01 :slight_smile:


Great idear Bro, as a retribution for our contribution to improve this beta version

This ones bugging me…

The digitakt can sometimes freeze during playback


its very usable as 1.01
would love to plock delay and reverb settings but its all good.

1 crash using midi though i think its already been fixed.
turning knobs makes it a little difficult to choose the values i want , but i do like the default snap positions on delay time (for example) when using func>turning the knob (i think)

maybe mute tracks by pressing the knobs when on the master page ?

No, I am not “the guy”. I’ve never even touched an OT before, let alone claimed it was better than something else. I do have a DT on order though.

BUG - Conditional locks are not available on my machine. The “COND” has a square icon with a dotted line through it and doesn’t respond to encoder D at all.

BUG - Fill Mode will not turn on as it should described in the manual, via [yes] + [page] nor will fill mode turn on by holding down [page].

Have fill mode and conditional trigs not been implemented yet?

BUG - Pressing the < or > buttons automatically resets the tempo to 120. This is a MAJOR performance bug. These buttons are supposed to scrub tempo, but it always defaults back to 120 no matter what tempo you have the pattern set at

BUG -I cannot erase lock data as described in the manual by holding down [func] and [clear] while in live record mode. This instead erases the entire sequence.

I’m also having issues with encoders responding oddly, sloppy to certain parameters while functioning smoothly with others. It seems they work find on all parameters that go 0-127, but are difficult when dialing in parameters with less variables/toggles.

Strange Midi behavior over here. I have the DT hooked up to an OB6 with it’s Arpeggiator running. If I set the trig length to infinite (or something higher than the space between 2 trigs) the notes overlap and so the arp sounds incorrect. When the trig lengths are set to the gap between the two trigs or less, the arp works as expected.

This means you have to set the note length specifically otherwise it will overlap onto another note. This works differently to say the A4 / Octatrack where you can set a note to infinite and it will keep playing until a new note is triggered.

The problem lies then with Trig conditions as you never really know the gap between trigs if some only trigger part of the time - ie: it’s impossible to know the length between trigs to then set note length correctly.

Assuming it’s a bug.

[EDIT: whilst filling a support ticket I figured, it’s like the note off for the previous trig isn’t being sent when the new trig is triggered.]

Hmmm… Perhaps you have something else going on… the first three of these work just fine on my unit:

  • In grid record, if I hold down a trig, and on the [TRIG] page, then (and only then) does D control the conditions, but they are all there. (Known bug: the scrolling here isn’t smooth.)

  • When not in grid record (as per the manual), [PAGE] and [YES] +[PAGE] enter fill mode.

  • Pressing [<] and [>] do nudge the tempo while held, either on the main pattern screen, or the tempo screen.

I do see that [FUNC] + [CLEAR] during live recording clears the sequence, not the plocks.

this is whats happening here as well. Please post the setup you are using when this happens we can trouble shoot.
I have my DT on OS 1.01, USB plugged in to an Overbridge hub but no OB plugin open (just using in standalone and no other Elektron box in OB either), midi in and midi through cable plugged in, but nothing hooked up on other end yet, and the crash always happens when playing a pattern while adjusting any random parameter.

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