Dsi tetra and octatrack

Any people care to share their experience with these two being used together? I’m interested in parameter locks usage, multitracks, etc.


This is exact my combi and it works fine. Tetra in Multimode, 4 Midichanels, and four OT Tracks to controll them. I love the Tetra but it is buggy and you only can use it confortable with an extern controller. If the controller is an OT, a Behringer BFC or something else does not play any rule. The OT can control it, like the OT can control an Access Virus, a Moog or what ever. So the combi OT/Tetra is not better or worth than any other combi.



I considered this combo for a while, but I read enough reports of the Tetra having bugs in Multi mode that I decided against it. Really, a mono synth would be enough to have an evolving synth part that I can tweak while the OT manages everything else. So that is what I am leaning toward now.

Certainly seems like a great combo. I have been using OT with Evolver desktop. I love them together.

Do you already own the Tetra?
If not, I would suggest seeking out a second hand A4. They usually go for about $50 more than a new Tetra.
Even with less LFOs, it is a much more powerful synth and far easier to program on its own.
If you already own it, then never mind, and have fun!


Thanks for the replies. Hmm. Maybe I should consider getting an A4. My guess is that its not as sonically capable as a tetra though. Tetra sounds are very compelling

I have both the AK and the Tetra, they both have their good points. I rarely use the Tetra multitimbrally, so I don’t know about any bugs with that, everything seems to work fine.

AK/A4 has an extra filter and some more options with feedback and cross mod. And FX. Tetra has more LFO’s and more comprehensive modulations.

If I could only have one, it would be the Elektron , no contest. The sequencers rule, and obviously it’s so much easier to program.


The extra multi mode filter, 2X selectable sub OSCs (the “5th” setting in particular), and FX all really put it over the top.
Try to get your hands on one.
Check out Cuckoo’s AK Keyboard Player patches video.

Sure, there are only 2 LFOs per voice, however there are 4 unique destinations between them, and you can use neighbor OSCs to get more LFO modulation, or better yet, use OT’s LFO designer to overcome the 2 LFO limitation.

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If you only look at the price, the A4 may be interesting. But the tetra sounds much better for me. I love elektron but I hate the A4 sound. But this is - of course - my personal taste. If you use the Tetra you can controll him with the OT - its nearly the same feeling like using the A4 - but the sound is FFFAATTT !!!

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you can use 2-3 small monosynths for the price instead -

then you can tweak them separetely anytime.

I have Mono Lancet and Dark Enegy I sequenced by OT and thru its effects- perfect for me.
or even cheaper with MFB stuff.


I have a Prophet 08 and the Octa controlls it nicely (it does two parts fine).
Depends on what sound your after. The Dave Smith filter does 80’s sound perfectly, but with the many LFO’s and mod options theres a lot a room for other sounds too. The Tetra will do great 4 voice pads.
I cant comment on the A4 sound.


i decided to continue in this thread. Got the same combi here OT & DSI Tetra.
I have troubles to send a Program change to the Tetra.
the patch works fine, but it does not react on the bank setting.
Does anyone how how to make it work?
in Ableton for example. i need to switch the Subbank instead of the bank to change it at the Tetra.

Thanks for help


This is a problem with the Octatrack’s MIDI sequencer. Its implementation of the Bank Select message in the Note Setup page is known to only use one of the two data bytes that are specified in the MIDI specification. Unfortunately, the Tetra (and other DSI synths) use the other data byte.

The workaround is to use MIDI CC 32 to select the Bank, as described by @cykranosh here:

Other users in the same thread provide alternative workarounds.

Let’s write to Elektron support and request that they implement the Bank Select message comprehensively.

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Yeah I used to use that work around. It sounds killer with OT. Should never have sold mine.


I opened a support ticket request with Elektron and received a polite and sympathetic acknowledgement of the issue. We will just have to wait and see whether it will be implemented.

I’ve just started with this set up. When it works, it’s just a monster but sometimes I have an issue (I’ve just create a thread about it).

Hey, are you still using your Tetra? I’m considering getting one. Would you recommend it? I would be sequencing it from my Digitakt/Digitone

Sorry, didn’t see you request until now :frowning:
It sounds very good but too menus to my tastes so I sold it but I’ll get it later for sure !

Ok, this thread is live again so… I have a AK on it’s way, but still am interested in adding the Tetra (always been a Prophet fan…). Is it worth it? I think that AK/A4 and P08/Mopho/Tetra/Rev2 are very different, and might be complementary. What do you think? Overkill?

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Just a follow up: Finally I got myself a Tetra and couldn’t be happier. Paid 350€, I can’t believe how much synth I got for the money. I run it into my Digitone for fx, it couldn’t get better than that. One of the most underrrated synths of all time. Extremely powerful both the sound and the possibilities. DSI/Sequential support was very responsive, friendly and helpful when I needed to sort out some NRPN WTF moments (fixed, needed a beta firmware update) Get one while they’re still around…