DSI Rev2

Double-down on the Prophet 08 basically.


Pretty impressive…
DM12 must have sparked this

That was my thought. Especially if this is actually cheaper than a P08 as he says.

1500 for the 8 voices and 2000 for the 16 voices version

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“at the same time, lower the cost” are Dave Smith’s words in that vid.

I believe it will be $999.

The REV2 has a projected ship date of April 2017 with a MAP of $1499 for the 8-voice version and $1999 for the 16-voice version."


I you like the curtis filters i guess its something interesting. Im glad i dont have any gas for this.


Didn’t realise there were two versions, thought you were referring to the Prophet 08. Thanks.

CEM3389 on this?

What a great time to be a synth enthusiast. A modern analog 16 voice poly at that price point is incredible, not that I’m considering getting one at this point, but the mere fact that there are options other than highly sought after and expensive vintage stuff that is becoming increasingly prone to failure is a good thing. I wonder what the difference in street price will be between this and the DeepMind 12 and by brand name alone DSI seems to have a lot more appeal.

If the 8-voice gets within, say, £250 of the Deepmind (which is £1000 in the UK) then I have no doubt it will steal potential customers from it purely on brand cachet.

Both make the System-8 look far too expensive (which it is).

Yeah, really great to have all these analog poly options!

I’ve owned two pro8’s and sold them to get other synths, but I always thought of getting one again so I was happy to see this coming out.

I’m hoping this makes used OG P08 module prices drop through the floor…

if only it had the Pro 2 / P6 filter instead.
Or any other multi-mode filter, really.

at least its multitimbral. would be neat to own one but not really gassing over it either

have to say the Rev2 looks sweet… I also like the new SEM…

Rev2 is quite enticing as well, gotta say. I can’t imagine what to do with 16 voices other than stacking voices constantly, but I gotta admit that I had a moment of weakness when I considered selling the Pro 2 to grab the Rev2 8-voice version.

OK I know nobody has really used the Rev2 aside from at NAMM, but can I throw out a few questions to any of you fine people who may have experience with the Prophet 08 ?

  1. How would the 08 compare to something like the A4. I am getting a bit zzzzzzzz bored at the sounds I’m conjuring out of A4 lately and I’ve been looking at different options for a replacement with more sonic possibility as well as more polyphony.

  2. I know that since the Prophet 08 and Rev2 only have A/B keyboard splitting, there will not be any ability to have 4 separate sounds running like A4 has. I can get around the plocks because I sequence my gear with Octatrack (currently using Makenoise 0-coast and Meeblip Triode with OT). I will massively miss the sound locks, though. I wouldn’t be able to do the complex monophonic sequences with multi soundlocks and plocks working together which allows for those nice drum sequences and total oganic mayhem. However this could be solved in part by sampling the different sounds with OT, slicing them up and plocking.

  3. Can anyone compare the sound of the P08 to something like theA4/Keys. I’ve had a few people really turn their nose up at DSI synths. I know moog synths generally sound a bit beefier than A4/Keys and the filter very nice, but Moog doesn’t make anything really similar to Rev2 that I know of.

  4. In a few places I’ve heard people criticize the curtis filter thats on this and the P08 - why is that ?

  5. Sorry one more ! I notice these synths have a external input on them - does the input run through the filter & FX ? Are the FX levels controllable at all similar to the A4/Keys ? (I run Monomachine and Octatrack Cue tracks through A4 currently for a bit of extra reverb, delay, chorus)

I’ve had a Tetra for a few years, basically half an 08 in a module which I sequence with my MM. The sound is very mid ranged imo, you’re not getting massive bass out of it (less so than an A4). The problem with the filter is it loses a lot of low end when you turn up the resonance, even if your cutoff is in the bass region.

The strengths for me are in the modulation options and filter audio mod etc for weird sounds. That and it’s nice for pads, would be much nicer with more voices (which you would have in the Rev2) and more oscillator slop (they may have added this).

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