DSI Pro 2


I don’t know if anyone saw the post on Matrixsynth forum, but there was a pic of Dave Smith surrounded by cameras standing next to an unidentified synth…

I contacted DSI tech support… and it’s CONFIRMED. A new DSI synth being revealed in a week or so. It’s gunna happen. :slight_smile:

No idea on specs, but I suspect it’s based on the P12 and mono… could be wrong on both accounts tho. Something to compete with the Moog Sub 37 maybe???

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My hope is that it’s basically a Tetra keyboard with the P12 voice instead of the Mopho voice. That would rock! 37 keys, 4 voices, combo mode, sequencer, and 4 digital oscillators. YUM.

A mono would be okay, but only if it’s around $1000 or less. With such great cheap monos available, it’s hard to justify Sub37 money on a mono.

It’s supposed to be a Mono inspired by the Pro-One I believe.

IMO the P12 voice isn’t particularly well suited to a mono. Maybe if they bolster it with the analog oscillators/subs from the Mopho voice? I’m not 100% sure if the CEM chip they use for the low pass filter is the full chip with those (at present unused) oscillators onboard anyway.

I guess a P12/analog oscillator hybrid would make it potentially a cool instrument to replace the long-gone Mono Evolver Keyboard, which is still my favourite lead synth.

By the way whats up with dsi forum?
I cant access for days…
or is it just me…

Same here. Been down a day and a half now.

the forum is waiting for a firmware update… :slight_smile:

Any links please???

The mysterious site admin needs to fix a crashed MySQL table, and could possibly be running out of disk space. It’s not surprising, given it’s hosted on SDF which is free and probably has a quota on user home directories.

Honestly DSI forums being down is probably the best thing for DSI right now with all the pissed off owners of their current gear who are mad every time a new instrument comes out while major problems still exist with many current instruments =)

They really need to fix that, I haven’t been able to complain about my Tempest in days!

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :joy: :wink:

Pym just announced it on gearslutz it seems: DSI Pro 2

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For this reason above the site going down seems a bit fishy to me.

DSI stated on the Reddit/r/synthesizers forum that the DSIForum is not managed by them and that they do not know when it will be back up.

I asked them how that could be since Dave Smith lead people to that forum in his AMA and Chris Pym (their main Dev) was the only admin. DSI never responded to that question.

It sucks because we put a lot into that forum over the years debugging beta OSs and a whole lot of other things. Just for it to all go away… Feels like another bait and switch to me. Who knows though, maybe it will come back.

All hail the Pro 2.

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I have mixed emotions since I found out it has a $1999 price tag. At first, I was like “damn, I’m gonna return the Mininova I just got for $300 when it arrives…”

But after listening to the youtube clip some more, I’m wondering if it really sounds $1700 better than the Mininova. I kind of feel like they have a similar sound to be honest. The sequencer looks rad, but there’s no mention of how many sequences can be stored, and if they can be chained.

$1999 is really too bad. $999 sounds right.

At that price I’d save for a P12 but it definitely is not a $999 Monosynth.
Around $1300 would have been on the money especially with all that CV activity going on in the back of the synth.

Agreed. For $1,999, why not just pop for a Prophet 12? Heck, you can get the P12 module for less than $1,999!

At that price range, it’s Pro 2 vs. Analog Keys for me.

I really dig my Korg MS-20 Mini. The latter could work directly with it because it can put out Hz/V CV signal. As an Octatrack owner, I have some familiarity with the Elektron style of sequencing so there should be less of a learning curve there.

OTOH, the Pro 2 has ohh so many knobs, new dual-filter design that includes an SEM style filter, etc.

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Agreed. For $1,999, why not just pop for a Prophet 12? Heck, you can get the P12 module for less than $1,999![/quote]

  1. Smaller form factor
  2. Step sequencer with parameter recording
  3. New filter(s)
  4. Audio input
  5. CV I/O
    This synth competes more with the AK and Sub 37 and personally I think it beats them both in many ways. Clearly it’s better than a Sub 37 on paper. Sound wise, obviously it’s gonna be a matter of taste.

As for the AK, the AK is more powerful in nearly every way except knobbiness and oscillator variety. I’m going to pick one of them this summer. No idea which one will win…

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