Drum n' Bass Battle #3 (Cinematic Noir Edition) [SUBMISSIONS CLOSED!]

I am trying to stagger the battles a bit so people can enjoy all the briefs put out by @Yabba, @aarb420, @natehorn, and @Microtribe. Please check out their Mission Briefs… lots of good samples and ideas to hone the craft.

So I’m announcing right away! IT’S SHOWTIME!

We did cartoons. We did videogames. Now, lets put the toys away, and go towards the shadows.

The inspiration is from movies. Anything dark and thrilling. It’s gotta be big and menacing.

WE ARE ON THE RUN! …for our lives!

I was hoping to hear some heavy synths and huge drops… high energy.

You can play your own, or pull from movies. You can remix a theme, or come up with original music.

It can be Sci-Fi, or Bank Robbery, or any type of thriller. Think Stephen King, or John Carpenter. Or old film noir movies with Humphrey Bogart.

Its wide open, as usual.

The deadline is March 5th.


Just send me the track through a file sharing service. Like One Drive , Google Drive, Drop Box.

Private message me the link with access granted.

I’ll make a playlist on SoundCloud and it will be anonymously voted by everyone.

Once I have all the votes from those who submitted tracks, I reveal the winners, and then I go back over the playlist and reveal who’s who and track names.

I even swap out the thumbnail with a pic of what you sampled from.

You can submit as many tracks as you like. Even if you want to share the rough cuts.

I’ll post on March 5th, all the submissions I received.

Just get the track to me and I’ll take care of the rest.

Ask me any questions, I’ll help out the best I can!



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Oh nice I did this like… this week! haha bad timing! Or maybe I crept into your psyche :japanese_ogre:

I’d like to do another so I’m in - I have some [censored] footage downloaded I’ve been playing with and fat synth sounds are my bread and butter. I have a mate that’s great at this stuff I’ll try and get him involved but his time is often limited. Have fun everyone and I look forward to hearing the submissions!


YESSS! The Great One walks amongst us!

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I’ve been working on a UK Garage track as a collab and the beats in that thing are next level (no credit to me), looking forward to getting my teeth into some DnB…

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Man… your hihats sometime drift into Jungle territory… Im so glad you’re onboard!


Did you see the last DnB battle/. @sasquatchfuzz used the Robocop arcade game as a sample…

Its hard sitting on that information while the battle rages on… then you came out with this vid…

The universe was talking for sure!


Woah! I can’t miss this mate… Actually one of my first techno experiments back in 2012 were filled with subliminal Alien(1979) iconic quotes


Yesss! It’s a good prompt! I’m glad I went with this.

I was talking to someone else… maybe @braken? Who said he liked SciFi for a battle idea.

I expanded it a bit, plus the Hip Hop battle has two sources from movies as optional samples.

I’m not going to copy the Hip Hop battle every time, but I do like how it’s close to what people are already producing as a way to optimize their time.


I’m just hoping for some fat synth work.

I was almost going to call it a John Carpenter battle, but even that was too restrictive.

I want to see all the places people go with their production. It tells me a lot about them, without them telling me about them… if you know what I mean.

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I am probably going to do some Carpenter inspired stuff since I got the style down 100% thanks to making this fake score a while back.


First thing I thought of when dark and film noir is this classic from Y3K. Just need to pump up the tempo…

Love the battle theme, I hope I get a bit more time this month to make something (anything!)


Another very cool Topic @BLKrbbt

Learning so much from this challenge.

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@BLKrbbt Awesome post and nice find on the Japanese poster! Thanks for the extended deadline too :tongue:

@natehorn DAAAAMN! :fire: That was an enchanting beat!
You probably didn’t realize it, but you slipped, and let out a secret formula in your video.
The key to making these sweet jams is being draped in comfy threads.

Jacket is fresh bruv amongst everything else :muscle:


:rofl: Also a byproduct of living in a cold country with expensive heating bills :rofl:

Need to save my electricity budget for running synths