Dreadbox Medusa


Yeah that dimension is missing though like @psyclone001 mentions, on one of the videos it definitely looked like the unit was managing slides somehow. Guess it depends on sensitivity, the range of each pads X/Y modulation and how close the pads are. Some clever programming could compensate too.


Since it was originally supposed to be “just” a monophonic synth, I’m sure the grid section as designed with portamento, legato (whether or not to trigger a new attack), etc. in mind. Not quite like playing on a Linnstrument, with the sliding and the nice color coding to help find note intervals, but still musically useful.

Old lesson on practicing legato on a monosynth:


Yet another video w/ Pyotr of Polyend. What’s a bit different about this one is he talks a bit more about the digital oscillators and other aspects of the digital side of the synth engine, such as the 5 envelopes, upcoming software update to allow manual wavetable drawing, etc. They will also add Scala file support for loading user scales. Also mentions stages of randomization in the sequencer.

The audio demo still won’t satisfy those looking for 96KHz recording, professional mastering, etc. but there’s a bit more variety in sounds than in the other videos.


If the Medusa is beefy like the Erebus/Nyx then I’m definitely getting one. Did the Dreadbox guys mention anything about its analog side, apart from tech specs?

This and the Erebus v3 got me really excited.


Yep I’m looking forward to hearing more of this. Hopefully within the next month or so we’ll get to hear more of the raw oscillators.

The specs are definitely there and the interface is very exciting.


Probably the most exciting new synth I have seen yet this year. Hope it delivers as I definitely would love to get one especially if you can integrate to DAW at home and record. But for my budget the $200 UNO looks cool as well.


Dreadbox site says mid 2018, they could start shipping next month!

Nick from Sonicstate really likes Dreadbox synths, I hope he gets one soon for a comprehensive review.


Yeah, the Grandmother nearly distracted me from the Medusa. Professionally recorded and mastered audio on those Grandmother demos vs. whatever fly by the pants equipment was used to record the Medusa certainly had something to do with ist

With the paraphonic modes, and grid, the Medusa is a better fit for what I want to do musically.


Looks interesting.
Quick question. Why do people have to see the shape of the waveform in a lcd.? Its like you dont know a Saw from a Square from a Triangle from the sound. Just one of those things.


It has wavetables so it’s actually quite useful to have visual feedback. Even for morphing between normall waveforms it is useful.


That’s for helping the deaf musicians along their journey (no one left behind).


20th of July is the release date according to the Greek retailer!


Wow this is exiting


…running the NYX overhere…the only dreadbox i got, and the last true analog gear apart from a4 i have in use…
dunno what to think 'bout medusa…hate all these fancy tablelightdisco controlers…no dreadbox feel to me at all…
but abyss is mindblowing…even if i don’t see any use for it to me these days…


Medusa is now available for pre order at some german retailers.


Do you have any links, or perhaps names of these retailers?



may be a few more…

to be shipped in july.

I’m in…


New chord demo by Polyend - apparently they decided to make it fully polyphonic instead of paraphonic


And a noisier demo - still a lot of normal chords being used though, nothing too scary.


This synth with its added hybrid polyphony really is growing to fit its mythological heritage a goddess monster with venomous snakes for hair.