Dreadbox Medusa


Maybe he was just showing off “their own” digital side of the synth? The digital oscs and so on


Yeah I found the presentation and sound a bit disappointing… I’m sure that once Sonicstate reviews it or we get some proper demos from other users the excitement will be back :slight_smile:


Yes, there are others who had the same reaction, and even the same speculation about the digital oscillators.

However, somebody who thoroughly reviewed the video noted that the digital oscillators are not operational yet (no wavetables loaded), and also noticed they were using a BigSky. I’d love to bring him with me next time I buy a used car, because he seems like the type to zero in on everything that could possibly be wrong with a product - unless that product is Omnisphere, haha

I think the concern about the digital control of the analog components (eg. filters) is legit - always a concern when you impose any digital control, like when you have presets, MIDI sequencer, etc. Nobody ever wants to admit when only 0-127 value resolution is used.

At any rate, these concerns will hopefully be sorted before the Medusa hits production status.


Maybe @Dataline can comment on it’s sound and compare it with the Abyss?


I have not actually played enough with the Medusa to know its sound. Really liked the Pads and Synth combination!


Hard to judge any of the sound as this box is not completed, there are months left of development, and both the Polyend and Dreadbox engineering departments seem to be moving at the speed of light.


I’m resigned to budgeting for both the Medusa and the Abyss.

Each has its unique set of synthesis capabilities, with the Abyss appearing to be simpler, but having full polyphony and those wonderful FX.

CDM’s article:

CDM seems to think it’s an MPE controller:


Figuring that out is the hard part though. So much love for too many things :joy:


Mmm…thoroughly reviewed? Only watched it once
It wasnt too hard to understand :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I tend to play the video and then hide it while I work, listening only to the audio. So I wouldn’t have noticed what mixer, external FX, etc. they were using, what T-shirt was worn or other stuff that I don’t really care about. :wink:


Ok, then you should watch it again.
His shirt was great :joy:


What, you actually said something positive???



With control over X,Y&Z then yeah, it’d be MPE capable. That’s what makes it interesting to me. Very cool to have that control over multiple parameters and even more so if also available in a midi controller mode. 2 birds, 1 stone and all that.


I think back to the Empress Zoia – the Medusa is one of those boxes with multiple uses, that can be used in unexpected ways, or in simple ways too.

(I get it, the Medusa and the Zoia are very different boxes too.)


Notice the Zoia was not at Superbooth. I bet Empress is wood-shedding while they finish that one.


Yeah this thing could potentially act as a great MPE/midi controller for other hardware / software


Looks like there’s so much potential with this one. Looking forward to a better demo, for sure.


Except that you can’t perform pitch slides on it across pads.


Oh really?
Thought when he was sliding across the pads it was pitch bending up, but I guess it was just retriggering higher pitched notes on each pad?


It seems unlikely that you’d be able to perform smooth gildes over the gaps between those pads, but who knows?


Yeah true