Dreadbox Medusa

Hey there folks, some new Medusa related things on my side this evening at 18:30 French time !
This one has been comissioned by one my Patreon “Teaching Session” subscribers, it’s about how to create drum sounds, specifically on the Medusa synthesizer, but all those patches can be made on any synthesizer, using the same buidling blocks.
Feel free to show up in the chatroom during the premiere if you have any questions you want to ask.
See you this evening, have a good day until this.

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I am getting one from a seller on Reverb this week, and quite excited.

I am trying to figure out how to pack it for a (car) vacation in early January. I saw someone mention the Electron Gig Bag for the keys, which is both prohibitively expensive and out of stock (and probably wouldn’t get here in time for our trip) even if it were in stock.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a padded cloth case, or a hard case? Or should I wait until it comes, measure it, and see about the appropriately sized Pelican cate with ample foam?

My first suggestion would be to get the Decksaver, makes packing it a lot less stressful

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Wouldn’t it be better to gather all your updated info in a sticky post?

right now your updates show up in a post dated August 18 which is not easy to find

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Hey there everyone ! I hope you all had a nice Christmas celebration.

I’m back this monday with a new “Tips & Tricks” video about the Medusa synthesizer. Feel free to come ask your questions in the chatroom during the premiere at 18:30 French time:

See ya this evening !


Got one for an early Christmas last week. It makes an awesome drone synth — it only took a day or so of fiddling before I was getting what I wanted out of it.

Here’s one of my first compositions with it.

I think it’s going to really fill a niche I’ve been trying to fill with other instruments.


Very cool drone!

Does Medusa have a drone mode or a infinite hold?

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Yes it does have an “hold” mode, you can see it in the video actualy :wink:

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This drone mode was one of the reasons I wanted to keep it… and fm… super fun to play

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Hope maybe for new multitimbral Medusa V.2 one day:

First fix a few annoying little misfortunes of mkI:

  • free assignable ENV 4 (FIL) and 5 (AMP)

  • negative values on ENVs

  • modulation matrix!!!

  • just a bit more mod destinations ( patchable ENV ADSR parameters and analog OSCs Waveform modulation )

  • oscillators as modulation sources!!!

  • ability to set step duration for each step (to make mixed sequences of 16th, 32th, 1/12, 1/1 notes )

  • ability to set seq start point the same way as we set end point now

  • a bit of step probability and trig conditions

  • wavetable select knob on the face panel and user wavetables import support

After this done, we are ready for real fun:

  • 4 independent parts / 4 Medusa synths in one box! To sequence complex multitimbral patterns

  • 2x digital EFX per part, Typhon style, with performance knobs on the face (distortions, bit crushers, spectral resonators, tape delays, compressor, EQ and reverbs )

  • more hardware switchable analog filter types to choose from! like original Medusa filter + Roland type BP filter or Curtis filter. Original filter is very cool and special but far from being ideal and universal : )

  • a few assignable cv i/o and a clock i/o

  • and finally 4 voice POLY mode!!!

This could be really something powerful enough to seriously get inspired with and to desire, no matter how high the price could get. Finally REAL Medusa Gorgon : )

Hey there folks ! Here is a new video I did this week about the Medusa with the Tracker, you might find it usefull

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Hello, I released some weeks ago a tape on french underground label monobloc. It’s called Wintercore, it consists of two 5 minutes tracks. Both tracks are a single Medusa take in DFM mode. First one is sequenced by Medusa and second is sequenced by Octatrack. Processing with Axoloti, Dr A and Oto Boum.


Hello, is their an ‘init’ patch or way to initialize a preset?

I’m really not finding anything in the manual.


I was fair-mindedly critical of the Medusa, still it’s a keeper for sure!

just make one and keep re-using it

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Hello, this morning I was sequencing Digitone with Medusa, it was very nice (having 5 more LFOs and 5 more enveloppes on Digitone is really really cool :slight_smile: ) but at some point, my Medusa freezed and resets itself just by touching the body of the unit. I felt static electricity in my fingers. I wrote to Polyend that answered me that was a normal behaviour when we are full of static electricity and that could happen on any gear.
Anyone here already experienced this ? This is the second time that my Medusa do strange things like this but this never happened on any of my other gears…

Hey there … southern hemisphere? :wink:
What shoes do you wear and what is the color of your rug?

Just kidding, but if it’s winter where you are, or very low humidity, these things can happen. Normal behavior, that is debatable. I notice tingling sensations when jamming with the Tracker sometimes, it seems to be a recurring theme with USB power and metal cases.

Try grounding yourself before you touch it, a ESD strip might help.

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Thank for your answer. I live in France so it’s summer but wet summer, we have a lot of storms and rains.
Polyend told me to ground myself on a radiator (very strange ritual before producing music but why not :laughing: )

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I know this is an old post, but I had this happen many times on my Synthstrom Audible Deluge.