Dreadbox Hypnosis


I was excited for this at first, but then I noticed there is no midi to sync the digital delay. That’s a deal-breaker for me.


Sounds really good ! Dont really mind the no midi sync but the thing is quite big …


I want a button lock on the Freeze Button. Click on click off.

[ADDED: March 20th – you can lock the Freeze on, if while you hold the Freeze button down, you press the button (in the middle of the right hand three) to leave the delay mode, the Freeze gets locked on and you can release the Freeze button. A bit awkward but it works.]

And i bet the defaulting to off when you switch patches is going to get changed – it should just retain whatever the state you have it set to, seems to me.

I guess the thing has to be big enough to put the spring reverb inside. Doesn’t look like it has any control input at all (see below)-- even a CV or gate input could be useful, and maybe more doable in an analog (mostly) system like this.

With the stereoness of this, might be nice paired with something mono that is calling out for some width – lots of possibilities here.

View of the connections:


could be fun if we could play the reverb with our fingers or something else but don’t think we can open this window? I think personally the Koma field kit fx is still better for more cv control/manual control over the spring reverb or the Knas Ekdahl moisturizer!


Just hit the box! :wink:


Or shake it


All sounds rather nice in combination with an Erebus v3 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpCTlSBzX20


ADDED: It’s cool that you can lock a freeze and then use additional effects on the input – sort of like a “bitimbral” effects machine while doing that.