Dreadbox Hypnosis


I like the delay FX on my Lyra 8 and it’s digital. I don’t think Vlad calls it BBD but whatever.


Oh hello…


I don’t need these fx at all but it looks rad, I’d love a full 80s revival


to quote that same wiki “Despite being analog in their representation of individual signal voltage samples, these devices are discrete in the time domain and thus are limited by the Nyquist–Shannon sampling theorem; both the input and output signals are generally low-pass filtered. The input must be low-pass filtered to avoid aliasing effects, while the output is low-pass filtered for reconstruction” soooooooo… digital :wink:


They are going to sell the shit out of this box.

Much want.


Get a full sized spy hunter arcade cabinet next to it and you will be stuck in the 80s forever. The design on this is so sexy.


A dream to some - a nightmare to others.

The Hypnosis could be a lot of fun though. Personally the design aesthetic doesn’t do very much for me at all, though the visible spring tank is a nice touch.


As someone who had his eye on the Moog Grandmother but ended up scoring a Voyager RME dirt cheap this seems like something that could be a fantastic best of both worlds and then some device to add to the Voyager.


Styling is reminiscent of the Art Multiverb Alpha


Was going to say the same thing… would look nice on an Emax 1 also


Do we know the price?


Cranky thoughts below, prefaced by saying this sounds great, as expected from Dreadbox…

I kinda feel like they’re a few years late on this sort of thing being actually, well, cool… Stranger Things made the 80s blurry synthwave aesthetic jump the shark by going mainstream in a huge way, and now anything remotely hypnagogic is understood as “sounding like Stranger Things” (probably says more about people’s limited understanding/imagination than the artist in question, but still). That said, maybe Dreadbox is banking precisely on the post-Stranger Things gold rush from entry-level folks, which, more power to them if they can fund other interesting stuff!

(I also just sort of feel like companies should avoid being too on-the-nose around genre signifiers… just be a tool with great visual design, let the musician decide which music the gear can be used for)


Yeah may be cool now for some, but they run the risk of this thing dating quicker than an 80’s mullet



This is one of the few boxes I would get just for the looks alone.


It’s a delay rever unit how does that equate to synthesizer sounds from the 80s? Just because of the Miami Vice aesthetic?
Looks awesome


If you want the Dreadbox FX without the Hypnosis enclosure, you could just get the applicable Dreadbox FX modules (Reflector, Phaser, etc.) and stick them in a 4ms Pod.

I don’t think they make a spring reverb module though, nor do any of their existing delay modules have a freeze function, from what I can tell.


Frank Zappa’s hot cousin


That’ll be next Christmas then :wink:


The supposed “stereo-ness” of thing doesn’t seem to be too engaging, from this YouTube clip, at least.


O yes, this baby is gonna be on my lap


AVAILABLE IN SUMMER 2019 for 499 €