Dreadbox Dysmetria DIY kit

As introduced at Superbooth: Dysmetria - Dreadbox Synthesizers

The demo’s so far don’t appeal to me that much but at this price I’m happy to get out the soldering iron and try for myself. Ordered one.

Limited run. All their other kits appear long sold out.


Bargain. Ordered one myself.
Sort of syncussion type thing I guess?

Or DFAM but with a better sequencer.

Havent found any good demos yet.

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Just some seconds at 15:50, sounds thick as he says.
Hm, nice manual and they even had a workshop in athens, that would have been a spectacular place to try soldering again after assisting one thing 20 years ago. Another thing i didn‘t continue…, stupid me. I have erebus mk1 and hades, thick sounding, there was no velocity etc, but who cares when using with a4…
Got typhoon too, too strange to operate for me. But the ui of this thing looks perfect for me.

Oof yeah sounds like that should produce some filthy basslines.

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Nice to see a bandpass filter on there. Good choice Dreadbox!

Slightly better video from Starsky Carr

Yannis makes cool stuff but hes no demo man :wink:

No and he also does not look like he’s been partying hard while in Berlin. Not at all :wink:


How dare he have fun at a trade show!

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You mean Berghain.

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It’s arrived! Sadly it might be July before i get to assemble it :[

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Mine has shipped. I live in Australia so it will probably arrive about the same time you start building yours :wink:


I stand fucking corrected.
It arrived today.

Things I already like about it:
Bandpass filter
USB -A socket for power.

Bravo Dreadbox. Good choices both.


Have you put it together?

It’s frustrating to me that I’m soldering pcb’s all day long for an art project of mine and have 0 spare time to put this kit together…

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Not yet.
Have checked BOM. Will start the build next week maybe

Approx 4 hour into the build.
Im pretty slow at this stuff.
Photo was taken at 3 hours. Ive since done all the diodes, and regulators.


Yannis Roofcoke

When these are done i can finally get on it…

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Blurring out the penis lamp was unnecessary, though.
We’re family. We understand. :wink:

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Robotic codpieces, nice.

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We’re not, you don’t.
Behind the lamp is a kill list.
Had to protect the names of my next targets.