Double tap on stop doesn’t end fx tales in 1.40?

When I have a long reverb, usually (as far as I remember) double tapping ‘stop’, would cut all sound including fx tales. But now the fx tales continue on my ot…

Am I missing something, or is it only the other Elektron’s that does this?

@sezare56 If you get the time, can you check? :biking_man:t2:‍♂

Checked. Double Stop doesn’t stop reverb tail indeed. I’m not 100% it was the case before, but if you say so…
It does cut delay.

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Thanks. Not 100% sure if it did before either. Will try to downgrade before I submit a support ticket.

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@PekeDorty could you try if you didn’t upgraded yet…

playing for 5 minutes already with 1.40 sorry…


Im still on older OS. Double stop does not cut reverbs. Only delay.
I always thought it would, tho^^


That sorts it. Thx again :slight_smile:
Really hoping for a patch to this update, to iron out the last small things. Shifting bank also has some interference with LED-lights.

But I’m in love with my new anniversary edition. <3


What? It doesn’t even cut reverb tail? :smile:
Yes gorgeous. I hope the regular Black MKII will be similar!

I just could stop the reverb tail this hack :
Reverb on FX1 slot hack
Fx1 reverb, Fx2 delay with DIR=0, time 1.
No ideal.

A scene with shorter reverb time maybe?

Looks pretty cool. I’m working on painting the face plate on mine and am still in the middle of it, but I’m making the general portion black as well and the decals are neon puff paint for black light. The contrast with the black for those little grey letters is way better than whoever thought that grey on grey was a good idea. That would be my only gripe on the Mk2, I get muscle memory for the serious pros, but us casual users we need to be able to see that shit. :laughing:

As of 1.40A:

Amongst the bug fixes:




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