Does your Digitone rattle like this?


Just had this delivered and unpacked it and noticed some rattling. My Digitakt doesn’t do this.

I think something is loose in it. Haven’t fully tested it yet, seems to switch on ok. Should I try opening it and seeing what it is or send it back?


not normal imho


Thinking of sending it back even it if works okay, wouldn’t want to risk it shorting something in the future.


contact support and send them the video


Just had a reply from them, it’s not normal and told to send it back. Damn shame as it sounds real good.


you can use it as a shaker…


Oh no… That’s a loose screw for sure. Support will sort you out ASAP, and have alerted our QC about this.


Thanks Simon, support already responded and asked that I send it back to the retailer. Will get another one for sure in the future.:+1:


I just sent back an Octatrack mkii for this exact same thing. Sounded like a loose screw. Sent it back to Musician’s Friend for a replacement. Just letting you know there are Octatracks out there with loose screws too.


LMAO!this video made my morning I’m laughing so hard I’m crying! Nothing rattles like that you would even send a maraca back if it “rattled” like that


In hindsight, yeah nothing should rattle like that, was more should I keep it if it works or if I should attempt to fix it myself. Anyhow I am going to be sending it back.


You guys have such great support ! (they were very helpful with some tickets for me recently) About to click buy now on my pre-order. Such awesome work on digitone, man. I can’t wait :smiling_imp:

Cheers !


I would just open it and remove/replace the screw… But I’m the kind of guy that voids warranties.


The GAS overrides all rational thought.


Sorry I laughed the video just cracked me up


every time :laughing:


Ya … was thinking I’d use it as a shaker and sample it into digitakt :smiley:

honestly … there’s bound to be minor production glitches here and there. His will get replaced/repaired … all good.


Yeah that’s true! but they don’t get put in a box and shipped!

Bad business to throw away your profits (with all the rest of the self inflicted damage) because someone fails with the basic rudiments of quality control.

I know from personal experience how frustrated Simon must feel with this one relatively small thing, he’s done a lot of extraordinary work on this along with a whole team of folks at Elektron. The Digitone is an excellent product!


Just unpacked mine and have the exact same problem.

Pretty gutting I now need to send it back to Germany and wait for new stock to become available which might be weeks now.

Digitone is now shipping

Just sent an Analog RYTM mkii back sounded like a loose screw…I’m either cursed or music gear manufacturers have really bad quality control… a list of the items Ive had to send back because of manufacturing defects:

Arturia KeyLab 64 (broken key mount)
DSI mopho keys (pitchbend broken)
Moog Subsequent37CV (misaligned keyboard, severely damaged packaging, pitch bend binding sent back 3 times!)
Keith McMilan BopPad (dead pad)
Analog RYTM(screw loose)

Pretty much everything I’ve bought in the last 5 yrs, when I heard the screw rattling I didn’t even blink kinda expect it now :monkey: