Does your Digitone rattle like this?


I just got a Digitakt today that has a loose screw rattling around inside of it as well. On top of that it has scratches on the screen like someone have been using it before me. The product- and delivery box also have some odd looking corners, but not the product itself. Have been in contact with the online store I purchased it from.


Are the scratches on the screen or on the screen protector that comes on new boxes?
If your screen protector was removed before you received the digitone and the scratches are on the screen I would return it to the place which it was ordered. Removal of the screen protector is a sure sign someone has used it before you.


I can’t see or feel any protective sheet on the Digitakt no. Also when I look at the buttons it could look like there’s some very very light traces of finger grease on them, so yes to me it seems like a used item. The shop wanted me to take some very particular pictures to send them. Just have to figure out how to compress them before sending though.


On further study it could actually look like there’s a screen protector on, because it does look a bit dull and grainy to me. But if that’s the case, then I can’t get it off. Maybe it’s melted to the screen somehow? Well doesn’t matter, because there’s still that loose screw inside, so it has to be returned. Of course I could try and open it up, pick up the screw and mount it where it’s supposed to be. But I don’t know if that screw has damage some components inside, so best to just return it yes.


If the shop is going to take it back/exchange for the lose screw inside that is probably your best option.


I finally got the sheet unstuck in one corner! so no problem, I just had to use far more force with my nails than I initially dared to. Silly me :slight_smile:

Yeah I guess it would, but it’s frustrating because now they don’t have any left in stock. They’ll have more in 1-2 weeks. Maybe I should return it for a Mother 32 and rebuy a Digitakt next month. OR maybe I should just dare to fix the screw problem myself and hope that nothing goes wrong and that nothing got damaged. But might be stupid though.


Contact elektron support, this has happened to a few people.
They may give you instructions on how to properly proceed if you want to remove the screw yourself. They may suggest something else. Wouldn’t hurt hurt to shoot them an email though.


I just tried. I had to open up a ticket, so I did, but I got the message that the serial number doesn’t exist, so I guess that’s because I have to authorize it first, but I can’t because they are doing maintainance work until the end of this month. So I just mailed the shop where I bought it for a possible return. Might be quicker.


Just had same issue here also. Ordered from thomann. Loose screw rattling around inside. Very bad quality control from these high end products. Shocking to see more have had the same issue. Very annoying to now have to wait. And also to help build a case for thomann in order to even begin the return process.


I also got my Digitakt from Thomman, but it was no problem, I got a return label and a new unit in perfect condition resent. As other people have stated, Elektron has become a pretty popular brand, which means that they are producing a lot more units, which means that the chance of more people getting units with failure is bigger. Digitakt and Digitone are more affordable, so more people are propably buying those. Funny that 1 loose screw is a regular problem. To me that sounds like one of their robots on their factory have had a particular issue, unless it’s done by hand of course, which would just make it even more funny that only 1 screw is loose everytime that particular problem occours.