Do you.. Reward yourself with a Synth for Xmas, Birthday (or other Occasions)

Year 2022 is drawing to an end. Do you have this habit/practice, like once a year you will reward yourself something nice or is that just another interpretation/excuse to yolo something, etc.

Rewarding myself a synth on a special occasion is…
  • Yes, it’s a must (work hard, play hard).
  • Only sometimes (being selective here)
  • Nah, I buy whenever, whatever (doesn’t resonate with me).

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no. i buy a nice dinner or eat a whole apple pie in 2 days.


when id quit smoking for 1 year, i spent the approximate amount of money that i would have spent on cigarettes on music gear. i bought i TR8-S and a Digitakt.
when i hit 5 years i thought id do the same, but it went to bills and shit instead.


I actually don’t reward myself at all on special occasions.

Because I already bought the synth.


I was going to have one more drink, but I decided to buy myself a Moog One instead.

That was a joke, I would never have just one more drink. Besides that, I don’t even know what a Moog One would taste like.


I usually do pick up something. My bday coincides with summer vacation, and the Xmas break isn’t far off, so I tend to grab something fun for the festive season. This year I’m thinking Ableton Push 2, again. Or, maybe a few plugins/licence upgrades. Thinking Max 8 & Guitar Rig 6 for the moment, maybe Reason. Some of this stuff is kindve subscription world now too, so it’s not a big deal for a month of fun. I probably need to see some solid renders/output before I start buying hardware again, though. A Syntakt could be in that list, probably in combo with a DN or A4

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I only buy things that make sense and if I truly and honestly need them, not for the sake of rewarding myself. I think that’s wasteful, it’s a bad habit, and makes for an excuse to hoard.


I answered sometimes because:

  1. I feel bad asking anyone to spend >$200 (even >$100) on a present for me.
  2. I don’t try to get new gear often anyway

So if I want music gear for Christmas and it’s not a pedal or something similar, I am buying it myself.

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Hoping to see more votes :cowboy_hat_face:

Everything over $1,000 has to be a “special reward” for me or I feel too guilty to use it. Latest up will be a Super6 if I complete every week of WeeklyBeats 2022, for example.

But I also make exceptions if I sell enough gear to be of equivalent value — like selling my TX816 to fund an EssenceFM.


Moog One more drink


Nope. I will spend Christmas alone and rock the synths I already own. :joy:

Lol, I did that to. Now 300hp rack :grin:

When I buy a synth, I feel only panic. I have to use the return window to find out if it is for me, so I wouldn’t waste money. Even though I’m actually very quick in doing so (some stuff was packed up after just one day :stuck_out_tongue: ), the panic is still on, every time.

I actually never had G.A.S. endorphins in my life. On the other hand, I have now everything I need anyway! :slight_smile:


Really? Thats sad.

There is no return window here as the postal system moves too slowly and the distances are too great. If you dont like what you buy, tough shit. So I dont have the luxury of buy something to see if I’ll like it.

The last few years I have stuck with the same gear. I’m happy with what I have and just want to get down to making music. The GAS cycle ended quite some time ago for me. New OS updates and new synth engines dont pull me in either :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, better that being addicted, I believe … which I am to ice cream :scream:


Ice cream turns to sh#t, synths don’t…

Well, maybe to shit songs…

Rewarded myself with a Syntakt, for working a month in a new job/career, after finally dumping a career I was way too comfortable in.

Going to reward myself with a Waldorf M, when I fuck off the Syntakt :rofl:

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No, I don’t reward myself and I don’t look at purchases as rewards either. I tend to buy stuff that I believe fills a need in my setup, sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t, at which point it goes out the door.
I don’t really lust after gear but I do have specific needs from certain gear, and if something really catches my ear or has long been something I wanted then I will get it, but after getting rid of something else similar first.
Also I don’t really like having too much stuff, although I don’t like selling stuff either, so not buying too much is a good way to keep things manageable.

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Certainly not this year, i am currently focussing on family gifts and wondering where the money will come from. From family i am asking for my broken oven to be replaced so this christmas i have the joy of cooking dinner in place of making squelch noises. I am not exactly thrilled

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