Do neighbor machines increase latency?


Quick question, do neighbor machines themselves induce latency? I’m away from my Octatrack but I need to figure out if say I had two stereo inputs coming in, both of which will start off as Thru machines. If I wanted to send one of those thrus to another track via a neighbor machine, would the other thru machine for the second stereo pair be a little ahead? or does the Octa compensate?



Nevermind. It was answered before and it appears they do not.


Any link? I can’t test right now.


Actually, it was you who answered! You rock!


I was not 100% sure of the answer, but remembered your asked about latency, ages ago. :smile:


I usually run AR in direct from mixer, but also blend it with a recorder buffer/flex track one-shot loop setup… I use the delay compensate so I can mix between them and they’re in phase… I kind of remmember getting slight phase offset when I added a neighbor to the flex. It wasn’t enough to affect melodic material or different material I don’t think, it was noticible on very similar drum hit sounds on the same step… Could have been the particular fx chain.
I might be wrong though but I think I’m just doubting myself, won’t be able to check for a minute so I thought I’d mention it anyway…


I made only one test, with same signals a very small latency can be anoying indeed.


It was just minor phase, could be less than a millisecond and need to be measured in samples…
This is if my memory servers me correctly, which it usually does, but sometimes I doubt it. I don’t know why I’d even have the thought if it didn’t happen though… :joy:
I only tried once, but I’m pretty sure that was the reason I didn’t use it for that, again this was for very phase sensitive material to mix with mixer direct, all sorts of other uses would be fine…


For my test I recorded a sine and its neighbor track and checked the beginning of the sine, IIRC it was the same sample number. Further tests needeed, may depend on fx.

A bit off topic but I noticed that overdub with Flex was worse with Filter fx on, after 10-20 recordings, even with neutral settings. I’d recommend to set fx to None if you don’t use them, if you want best quality.


Maybe I was wrong, maybe it has to do with the specific fx chain, or some other unforeseen differences in our configs…
I’ll test again when I can… :slight_smile:


Off topic reply to off topic thought: It’s funny, as a looper with an OT I barely ever overdub, since there’s 8 recorders I usually keep them separate so I can weave them in and out… Sometimes I do though, once in awhile with pickups I just pile on guitar licks until I’m like 10 deep… :smile:

Back to topic: Even if I was right about my experience which I’ll have to reinvestigate, I wouldn’t say neighbors increase latency it would only be a possible minor phase offset…


With a test setup using 7 neighbours chained up it should become quite noticable.

FX are more likely to introduce latency.


Not sure you can chain 7 neighbours…? 4 on each side IIRC (TRACKS 1,2,3,4 & 5,6,7,8) :thinking:




I don’t think @tnussb has an OT he’s just been studying the manual…
The manual never explicitly states that you can only use up to 3 neighbors, but it’s implied in secret corners. :smile:


I would buy an OT in a second, but I’m not allowed to do so (by myself) until I utilize my almost brandnew A4MKII much more.

Yes, I was just absolutely baffled by that fact that neighbours on the OT are restricted this way. Well, kind of make sense: how should a sound jump across the display? :wink:


I don’t know where I read it or if it’s true but there’s a theory that tracks 1-4 and 5-8 each use one of the two dsp’s…


Make sense …


Correct, Elektron said this.


I’m currently doing some testing that suggests that Neighbor Machines increase latency… by approx 1.45ms per instance.

So if you use three Neighbour machines on Trk 1 then your latency increases by approx 4.35ms

Turning on Trk 8 as a “Master” track also appear increases latency by about 0.75ms.

Does Ableton do the Octatrack thing?