Display low contrast issue

I talked to my friend who’s an electric engineer and worked with LCDs before about this issue. He said that the above answer from Elektron support had been a bullshit. In his opinion they just applied poor quality LCDs on the devices which can loose certain conditions very easily (he had some guesses about what might happen in such cases). But he definitely doesn’t think this is the normal behavior of those screens.

I can’t add to this story anything as I’m out of this technological territory. The only reference point I have are those many “old-fashioned” mini video games from my childhood which also had similar basic LCDs and they lasted for so many years (even a decade) without such issues.

Does he have an idea if this LCD can be easily replaced?
I would like to attempt this task by myself or with the help of a skilled iron guy.

The costs of service for this replacement is far beyond any reach for me…too much (considering also the shipment costs…)

Do you have valid warranty on your device yet? If so, don’t do it yourself, Elektron will kindly repair it to you.

Otherwise you have the option of DIY, but I can’t help you with that. According to my very poor knowledge on this replacing (applying) LCD screens should not be a difficult thing. You may find guides and videos in this forum and in the internet out there.

I doubt it’s the intended behaviour, more a problem batch or long term issue that is hard to test for, this happens to anyone who manufactures items at some point. Suspect that this would have been a factor in changing screens on the newer boxes.

Though this sort of stuff is what makes me glad that there are not user rechargeable batteries in Elektron boxes. :heat:

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Out of warranty.
I wrote this thread in the hope to find anyone/anything to guide me in the possibility to attempt a DIY approach.

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same here with my rytm BUMP

yep my lcd on my rytm is loosing contrast too. But very smoothly like it is loosing the black in it.

That’s super easy to fix, there is a dimmer for that.
Just open your unit watching out for the flat connectors, place it vertically like a book. Plug it turn it on and adjust the dimmer slighlty.
It will be like new in no time.


HI! Same on my A4 mkI - Was very easy to fix! :slight_smile: Hope it helps!


Welcome your experience and welcome here @Elektroskop !

I’ll try as soon as my life will allow me.
Thanks for your insight!



No, they use a widely known brand used by many other manufacturers. It could be the case that certain batches of the LCD are more prone to problems occurring than others, this is quite common in electronic components in my experience, I have experienced this first hand myself with connectors, components and even solder.

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I need to try this too, mine has lost contrast, had no idea about the trim pot! Fingers crossed, I’ll have a go tomorrow :slight_smile:

Cam here to say thanks for posting this @Elektroskop and @gbravetti

Just did this with mine and it looks like new.

Thanks folks!

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doest this also work on the AR MK1? Yesterday I just noticed the display start looking weird.

Yes. Towards the end of this thread, some people report having success adjusting the contrast of their AR MKI display:

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that´s really great! thanks for sharing, This should work on the Analog keys as well ?

Ever figure this out? My analog keys screen is awful! Kinda scared to open the thing…

Anyone did this on AK ?

here the black is really fading away…
btw what’s the correct positioning for that trimmer?
I believe I cannot leave it switched on while doing this…:fearful:


Facing the same question here . . .

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Could you fix the screen issue meanwhile?