Digitone +?


man, the MM was the bomb. it’s like they went from visionaries to market puppets. though i mean no disrespect, i understand that there would be hard to stay in market if they made each machine as good as it can. no incentive for many to buy other models…




Here Digitone plus Sidstation and Nord Drum 3p.


I don’t think they became market puppets. I think maybe they’ve just lost their way a bit?

@dubathonic and I visited yesterday and he brought his Mono. Hearing and seeing it was like seeing an old friend and feeling happy at hearing his voice again.

The limited MIDI out on the new machines is flabbergasting.


Virus ti … I saw many ti2 for 1200 euros about… You could get a virus a/b for 400/500… Could go far with digitone…


yeah “market puppets” isn’t right, i mean that the market development pushes towards a holding back and spreading functionality out on different products-mind set. i respect and appreciate the instruments for what they are marketed as and capable of doing at release, new functions is a plus. BUT yet i sometimes struggle with the thought of what midi seq-out of AR and A4 could be like.

ive seen your name in music, think it was on a Hecq album or similar to his style :thinking:


you can put a midi cable from the midi outs of the digitakt to the midi in and use the it to control things on the digitakt itself. For example to add more lfos.


Sorry i read Digitakt. With the Digitone i don’t know but i think it is also possible


Minitaur or Erebus would compliment well.


A Virus Snow has four parts, is very compact and would be a killer combo.


Exactly what i did , good combo ! :slight_smile: