Digitone +?


And it is a bummer that Digitone doesn’t send MIDI arp. Arpeggiating the ND2 when using individual MIDI channels is the bees knees!


This would be my choice also. AUM can then be set to host 4 apps with fx, each controlled by it’s own Digitone Midi track. Then take the iPad headphone out back in to the Digitone. This is a neat and powerful setup.

Edit : just saw you put Audulus, also very cool app.


Hey Taylor!

First and foremost, I’s like to recommend an iPad app called Audulus :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, you can assign midi cc to the knobs and sequence from the digitone. Also the iPad generally, endless possibilities, etc.

I also find the 0-Coast to be a fun companion since it can take advantage of midi cc sent from the DN to some extent, but is capable of crazy FM sounds that complement the more measured digitone. Also, it sounds great going through the DN chorus and reverb.

Finally midi to modular is pretty fun, I’m thinking of getting a cv.odc as I am fighting the impulse to install midi to cv in all my various modular cases. But yeah, the digitone pairs nicely with a small rack.


I threw this together kind of quickly based on some stuff I have in progress. This is just Machinedrum through Digitone, no Digitone voices. The drum pattern is already a little distorted coming out of the MD, but the Digitone does add some nice coloring. Especially when it’s mixing with the Digitone sounds (again, not heard here. Song is still in progress)


indeed. sounds terrific.


Nord Lead A1, which is the first Nord that can sound relative analog (thanks to newly coded OSC section). It’s exactly 4 part multi-timbral, each part has it own delay + reverb + multi effect (phaser, flanger, chorus, distortion)
It can do fm, hard sync and has many waveforms (even bell, additive, Formant, etc) and has different filters (303, Moog and their own). I really love it sounds. The interface and switching between different parts is extremely fast.


Bummer / taking the p*ss.


? Please explain.


Think they are expressing frustration at the lack of arp


I was surprised, and disappointed, when I found out it didn’t have arp on the midi tracks, because the marketing kind of says it does:

  • 4 synth tracks
  • 4 MIDI tracks
  • 1 arpeggiator per track

Either clever marketing or clumsy written.


Yeah, it’s a bummer. Elektron boxes always feel selectively crippled. It’s a bad design decision on their part, and has even led to folks accusing them of doing it deliberately to sell more (they are on record denying that and I believe them). And that’s when they really should know they need to course correct, because those sorts of accusations are really toxic.

For me it’s been cool because I paired the digitone with other things that can arpeggiate.


do you know if the Digitone has the same problems with bank selection as the OT (not using/sending CC32)?


Once the DN gets overbridge it should be relatively simple to convert the incoming audio to midi or CV to make use of the arpeggiator. Also, there is always hope that a firmware update can give the people what they want.


Pioneer AS-1😆


Digitone, Digitakt, and Octatrack are all the same in this respect.


This is LEGIT. Excellent sounds and setup!


thank you! I unfortunately dont have the OP-1 anymore but that setup was awesome to work with, had everything covered and portable.


cheapest way: some 2nd hand volcas is always fun with trig conditions and plocking!


I use it dawless with my jp08 and model D all the time. Tip I can suggest is make a project with all the midi tracks set up already with some key midi cc parameters and save it empty of trig’s so you don’t have to set it up every time!


Got to say +1 on Blofeld, either desktop or keys. Keys has some minor extra possibilities out of the box like being able to use samples and i bet there is second hand desktop models with that unlocked out there if that desirable.
If that synth had a tad more powerful dsp the performance would be even greater. (i wish that a handy über-geek out there could add custom components)