Digitone +?


Just bought a Digitone for my birthday. Such a great synth!

Now I’ve got these 4 MIDI tracks and I’m not sure what to do with them.

What synth would complement the DN, when sequenced via the MIDI tracks?

(Just thinking a single synth that I could plug into the DN’s inputs)



A Minitaur, a Sub37, and two MicroMonstas. :smiley:


Waldorf Blofeld with Multitimbral Voices…or an Analog Four…endless possibilities :smiley: in four channels!


Machinedrum sounds AWESOME through the DN’s inputs with a little bit of master overdrive.


Get a nord lead/rack or a ks4/5/rack. Both 4 parts and both classic substractive synthesis.


Nord Lead has 4 parts multi timbral. So, 4 polyphonic midi synths


Nord drum?


How may parts does the Nord drum have?




Nothing! Just focus on the Digitone.


Or you could use it together with iOS and Audulus :wink:


Yeah, if you have ableton, usb midi with drum racks is hella fun


Happy birthday! Get a sampler to compliment.

How about a volca sample? You can create 1 or 2 (128) sample chains of short hits to plock


Sp404 works great with DN controlling it through midi. Not a synth but if you need drums this is great. DN can do drums but by having a dedicated drum box you free up tracks and poly.

  • Drums and samples to free up the DN tracks.
  • All the SP404 effects on your DN master.
  • Sample your DN into the SP and mangle it then sequence it again with the DN.
  • Battery powered

I posted this a while ago. Using the SP for a background sample and the drums (pad 5, 6 ) being sequenced by the DN.


can you link something?


This is the correct answer


nord drum 1 is 4 parts, nord drum 2 (and maybe 3? never checked) is 6 parts


…and all six of those parts can be controlled from one MIDI channel (global), or from six MIDI channels (individual). The way in which it can be set up is optional, unlike many other drum synths.


Literally anything with a MIDI input. You name it. Anything. Do you already have any other MIDI gear that you could use?


That is rad