Digitone playing external synth with midi keyboard issue [confirmed]

So I connected midi keyboard and micromonsta to try sequencer. Setup MIDI to Midi Out: Track Channel. Looks like this is not working. Basically you cannot play external synth with midi keyboard connected. Exactly same setup works fine on Digitakt / Octatrack MK2. Track Channel sends notes to midi out only if you play Digitone keyboard itself and not external keyboard. Midi keyboard keeps playing internal sounds which are on the channel corresponding to midi channel of keyboard :frowning: Seems like pretty big issue.

That’s catastrophe. I tried everything. Looks like Digitone’s Midi sequencer is not usable with external keyboard in 1.00 firmware. Back to Digitakt :slight_smile:

Eugene, wasn’t the namm video using an external keyboard?

Set MIDI keyboard to Digitone auto
-channel ? Then keyboard will play whatever MIDI track is selected on Digitone.

I might be completely wrong but isn’t this what MIDI Thru is for? I thought most synths captured the MIDI in and didn’t repeat it to MIDI out.

I had a quick look through the manual but couldn’t see anything.

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Taken from the manual.

AUTO CHANNEL selects the MIDI channel that gives access to the currently active track. If an exter- nal MIDI keyboard connected to Digitone sends MIDI data on this channel, the keyboard controls the active track. This function is useful when you want to change quickly between the active synth tracks to play di erent sounds. The Digitone also uses the AUTO channel to record to the MIDI tracks from external MIDI controllers.

They did not control external synths at NAMM18. Kept saying: bla bla you can control external gear with 4 track midi sequencer… but none of them actually connected at least analog four to midi out to show how you could record and play ext synth with NEW 8 NOTE PER TRACK polyphony :slight_smile:

It is not working. BTW it is default setting. Track Channel or Auto Channel, no difference. As I said earlier when I set auto channel 1 and output ch: track channel on my Digitakt, everything works fine: midi is sent to output on the same number where current selected track’s channel is. Same setup does not work on Digitone. I will try USB midi keyboard tomorrow to see if there is any difference (I am currently using Keystep via MIDI DIN).

Well that sucks

Oh, that is bad news. Let’s see if anyone else can verify this issue and if Elektron are aware of it.

Simply triggering a MIDI track internally (e.g pressing trig outside of grid rec) or externally (MIDI keyboard) does not seem to send a MIDI note. Entering trigs in the sequencer does work though. Looks like a bug yeah. Will report this immediately in our bug tracking system.


As I understand, 1.01 did not address this, right?

hmm you try plugging it to the midi through?

Midi Thru works fine. It is Midi Out which does not relay notes as it should.

I noticed this this morning when I tried playing my Modor NF-1m module using Digitone’s Midi tracks and trigs (no external keyboard, just the trigs). I eventually found a configuration that worked, but it was strange compared to other Elektron devices and I wondered if I had things right.

Sequencer trigs worked fine, which let me know the Modor and Digitone were communicating and routed properly (I had the Modor’s audio going into Digitone).

The way I got the Digitone’s trigger keys to play the Modor was:

  • Turn off MIDI channels for Digitone’s internal tracks (I usually do this on all my Elektrons as I just want them on their internal sequencer so I can freely use things like channel 1 on my other gear without interference)
  • On MIDI Config - Channels page, I had to set MIDI Track 1 to Channel 1 (the channel I had configured on MIDI Track 1’s SYN1 page, which is what my Modor NF-1m was set to).
  • On MIDI Config - Port Config page, I set Output Ch setting to Trk Ch.
  • On MIDI Config - Port Config page, I set Trig Key Dest setting to INT + EXT.

Then, I could play the Modor NF-1m with the Digitone’s trigger/keyboard.

But this does not seem like the right configuration, compared to how this works on Machinedrum, Monomachine, Octatrack, where the trigger keys on a MIDI track always send to the MIDI track’s destination.


I confirm that I succeed also using DN Keys to play external synth. But not with an external keyboard, as stated. You can see all here : Digitone 1.01 : bug reports

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Hey Simon, is there a fix for this coming soon?

Wish I’d seen this thread earlier, just spent the whole night changing every midi setting on every piece of gear :sweat_smile:

So at the moment, there’s no way to play in to the midi tracks with an external keyboard or the trig keyboard? Just replaced my Digitakt with a Digitone for sequencing my other gear so hope this gets sorted soon!


Is it possible to “play” a MIDI track via the DN’s MIDI In? I can’t seem to figure it out. Here’s my setup:

Keyboard (sending data on ch 10), plugged into MIDI in on the DN and USB out from the DN plugged into my iPad. Auto channel is set to 10, Trig Key Dest is INT+EXT, and Output To is MIDI+USB.

With this setup, I can switch to an internal track on the DN and play and record sequences with my keyboard or triggers. It all works great. However, active MIDI tracks only output notes and data from the sequence or the trigger buttons. There’s no way for me to play my iPad synths using my keyboard. I can record sequences with the keyboard, but I can’t actually hear what I’m doing while I’m recording unless I use the triggers. I’ve tried switching my keyboard to use the same channel as the MIDI track, but that doesn’t work either.

Has anybody had any luck with a configuration that lets you send MIDI In to MIDI Out? I would expect any MIDI input on the auto channel to be sent out on an active MIDI track, or an option to enable this behavior. This peculiarity cripples the DN as a sequencer of external instruments for my use :frowning:

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That’s how it should work, but the midi tracks are currently broken… that’s what this thread is about :grin:

Elektron said they are working on it, but fixing the clicks and pops are the priority for now.

Hope it gets sorted soon as the midi tracks are unuseable for me, have to use the internal sequencers on all my other gear.

Yea I sold my Digitone for now. The main designation was to be synth + sequencer for other gear. But as I cannot play midi gear using ext midi keyboard, it can only be used as synth in my setup. So price tag seems a bit too high for “just FM synth” and I may repurchase it once they fix bugs.

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