Digitone over Overbridge disconnect

Hey fellow Elektronauts,
I am experiencing random disconnects of my Digitone when using the Overbridge Plugin in Ableton. I also have a AR MKI connected which does not show this behaviour.
The disconnect happens after what feels like a random amount of time and I can not force this behaviour. And already checked multiple USB ports and cables.
Does somebody know if this is a known bug or if my device is faulty?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

EDIT: Digitone OS 1.21 and OB Version The Problem exists not just with this DT OS and OB Version. It is like this for multiple releases of both

EDIT2: Also happens with the standalone app

I have started to use, or rather try to use, the Digitone with Overbridge very recently and have had this problem almost every day. The sound stops randomly and comes back randomly, too. Sometimes, it glitches but doesn’t stop. I know it’s a beta but it has been a beta for over a century now, right? :smiley:

It is happening to me too :frowning:

Hi guys, same here, the sound just stop and go randomly. this happens only with the latest version of overbridge that i installed, the if i recall correctly. Anyone knows what to do? :frowning:

Somehow just using USB 2.0 Ports improved stability.

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I have the same problem. I’m using usb 3. I’ll try 2 tomorrow.

I have same problem my Digiton or my MK four, sudden no sound and goes to fault statues. :frowning:

I’m having this problem too with my AR MKII and DIgitone, and it happens simultaneously with both. Only reconnects if I unplug and replug USB. I’m on one of the newer MBAs so limited to a dongle with USB3 for now.

Same here, using the Overbridge Plugin for the Digitone in Ableton 10 on a Win10 maschine. Everything works just fine, until it radomly stops.

Same issue here with Digitone Keys. I’ve tried both USB 2.0 and 3 slots.

Im Logic 10.5 now but this problem has been happening to me for a while. Digitone randomly Disconnects while using Overbridge. Only way to get it to reconnect it to turn it off and on again. I get an error message saying there has been a fault communicating with the digitone.