Digitone - No sound on some tracks (not a mute issue)


Trigs / keys / MIDI keyboard work on T1, do not work on T2, T3, T4. Have checked Func+Bank purple/green mute etc.

On T1 can touch MIDI keyboard and scroll through sound banks hearing each sound. As soon as I try to do so on T2, T3, T4 - no sound. No pre-existing trigs (from earlier save weeks ago) are firing on T2, T3, T4… but all of this is only for this one pattern. All four tracks work on other patterns.

Any ideas?


My guess…Levels down on T2-T4 by mistake?


Have you checked the Audio Routing settings? Guessing that’s not it because I don’t think that’s per-pattern, but worth checking.


levels are up on all

my mind is blown. could it be something to do with making any small tweaks to sounds on the +drive and needing to update the soundpool or something? because I have made small tweaks to the sounds on the +drive, just a bit. But still, when I scroll through the sounds using the down arrow key and touching either the MIDI keyboard or the Digitone keys themselves, no matter what sound I’m on, even if I’m in the two factory banks… I get no response on this pattern, tracks 2, 3 and 4. But full response on track 1. and again, levels on all tracks are up, nothing is muted red or in mute mode


Very weird behavior indeed then :open_mouth:


it is…

and yes AlamoBlend, I have double checked the routing settings… but of course yes even if I just go to another pattern then boom - all four tracks are working

pretty bummed, because I really love this machine. hoping it’s a foolish mistake I’ve made somewhere and not a bug



Here’s a video of what I’m dealing with.



Are you perhaps running out of voices?

I may have experienced what you have with accidentally recording lock trigs, but I haven’t watched the vid.


try to copy pattern one to pattern four.

then copy track two of pattern two
to track two of pattern four… any sound on track 2?


Maybe check the attack on amp envelopes.

  • not voices, though I did try that route just in case
  • copy/pasting didn’t work
  • in the video I toggle the attack on all envelopes

it’s important to note that this pattern played fine until yesterday. I didn’t add new elements or anything of that nature.

not sure I’ll ever figure it out :confused:


could be a bug… did you load another project and reload this one?


I did. Loaded another project, re-loaded this one. Shut it down, updated firmware. Nothing.



So now I’ve deleted the pattern and now everything functions normally.

Thinking it was a bug. I guess I can take some comfort in that no one has chimed in being like “yeah that’s happened to me too.”


maybe some strange midi data has been sent? (via keystep) eg. modwheel fully open or note transpose

anyways… good that it works now :wink:


oh I should have said *it functions normally after wiping the pattern. Like I can use it as a normal empty pattern now… but my tune was lost…

The trigs didn’t play and the sounds didn’t work on the Digi’s keys but maybe it was a strange MIDI thing as you said…


Well I have had that happen to me maybe 2 or 3 times and passed it off as user error. On 1 or 2 of these occasions I think I had a backup of the original pattern on my PC and it was fine when I loaded it back, but all of what you’re describing sounds familiar. It happened to me in the previous OS and even as recent as yesterday on the latest OS, resulting in me losing a pattern for my gig.

I was going to use the DN in a live festival gig in a few weeks but this has put me off!

I don’t have time to analyse this behaviour until next month but I’ll post back if I discover anything causing this or any repeat characteristics.


Same, and it may well be.

I haven’t yet had to deal with note stealing and polyphony issues with Elektron products before the Digitone, I’ll ponder further when this comes up next.


Track stealing. :wink:



Sorry to hear about this. Well now I am more concerned, too. I am soon to be writing material with the DN, DT etc which I will be performing live. I also can’t risk one day going to a Pattern and 3/4 of the tracks aren’t firing trigs.

Does anyone know if there is a place somewhere that users can report bugs to Elektron?